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Passion 💖 Musiques 🎶 Loisirs


  From FRANCE 

Faced with many requests, and from September 27, 2021


according to the conditions that were already defined in the →  Blog Charter


 The blog reserves the right not to follow up or to put online, if it is missing elements that do not allow it to achieve a correct layout.  



  • A bio or promotional text in word format, no text embedded in the image.
  • the clip,
  • the photo support to be promoted (single, cd, or other) in a correct resolution,
  • the artist's social networks,
  • a photo,
  • the purchase and / or listening link,
  • the name of the issuer, the label,
  • if possible the name of the photographer


The visual presentation being privileged, it will be impossible for me to look for the elements not provided, which is to the detriment of the artist whom you wish to promote!

Why: Your article is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which allows a very good visibility, your artists deserve the best ...

There are an average of 50 requests per day, and I can't process everything and waste time looking for things when some people make the effort to do so ...


Musically speaking, 



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