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Telefís and Jah Wobble ~ Falun Gong Dancer

  From CANADA 

Telefís and Jah Wobble  ~ Falun Gong Dancer

Electronic duo Telefís - made up of acclaimed Irish iconoclasts Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan - are releasing the 'Falun Gong Dancer EP' with legendary post-punk bass maestro Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited, Invaders Of The Heart) via London's Dimple Discs. They also present a new video for 'Falun Gong Dancer (Donkey's Gudge Dub)'

Based on the third single from the forthcoming debut album 'a hAon' (Number One) by Telefís (Irish Gaelic for TV, pronounced Tele-feesh), this follows the earlier-released 'Mister Imperator' EP and 'We Need' EP.

As Telefís, LA-based producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee (U2, R.E.M., Modest Mouse, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Crystal Castles, Editors) and Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney, Fatima Mansions and acclaimed solo artist), now based in London, present a satirical, mischievous examination of Irish history and pop culture in their lifetimes, which they call ”a corrosive nostalgia”.

The involvement of Jah Wobble, one of the most innovative bass players of our time, transforms the disarmingly quiet and reflective original version, with its stark vocals and ghostly piano chords, into a deep-dub odyssey. His signature low-end bass anchors crisp percussion and panoramic space-echo effects.

"An honour to be involved in this, to be working with Telefis. This seemingly simple, sweet naive video speaks volumes. The ancestral trek; Rural Ireland to the dancehalls, Pubs and crowded rented rooms of tough uncompromising London. All captured in a Dub Prism," says Jah Wobble.

"Even a relatively obscure musical life such as mine can fortunately bring pinch-yourself moments of proximity to greatness, and so it is with Jah Wobble's transformative contribution to this version of 'Falun Gong Dancer'. The song was already a high-point of the first Telefís album, but in this version it goes somewhere else entirely, thanks to JW's signature contribution," says Cathal Coughlan.

Jacknife Lee elucidates: "There are few bass players as iconic as Jah Wobble. I have studied and tried to copy his style for decades but never really got close. Brian from Dimple Discs suggested we ask him to get on 'Falun Gong Dancer', but I didn’t believe it would happen. We are still shocked that he agreed to collaborate with us and are excited for it to be heard”.

In Telefís, Jacknife Lee creates an irresistible mix of cinematic instrumentals and electro-funk backdrops full of melodic, squelchy synths and thunderous bass-lines, often with a cheeky nod to electro-pop history. Jacknife is also known for his remixes for such heavy hitters as Radiohead, U2, Blur, Run-DMC, Pink, Future Sound of London, Christina Aguilera, TLC, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, The Raveonettes, Kraftwerk, New Order and Kasabian.
The 'Falun Gong Dancer EP' is out on 📌January 21 and can be ordered digitally. The 'a hAon' album will be released on 📌March 4 with CD and vinyl available for pre-order at https://ffm.to/telefisahaon and the digital album at https://orcd.co/telefisahaon.

"A shimmering piece of pop. Laced in hypnotic energy" ~ Far Out Magazine

"Ultra trippy" ~ Dangerous Minds

“Blends cultural celebration, satire, the splintered identity of the Irish diaspora and historical introspection to electronic dance music”  PostPunk.com

"This is actually a dancepop monster, channelling ‘Stop Making Sense’-era Talking Heads with acute contemporary social commentary" ~ Is This Music?

"As stunning as the best of Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem... watch them take the world by storm with this big sound and vision" ~ The Spill Magazine



Telefís and Jah Wobble

Falun Gong Dancer EP

Debut Telefís album 'a hAon' out on March 4 via Dimple Discs

📌 21 January 2022


© Telefis photos by Telefís. Jah Wobble photos courtesy of Jah Wobble


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