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Circuit3 • Overview Effect

  From CANADA 

Circuit3 • Overview Effect

Dublin synthpop artist Circuit3 (AKA Peter Fitzpatrick) presents the 'Overview Effect', a five-track EP offering a scintillating taster ahead of the artist's third album 'Technology For The Youth' LP, slated for release on July 15 via Manchester's AnalogueTrash label and mastered by Richard Dowling, known for his work with Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Motorhead, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, New Order and Sparks.

Showcasing his distinctive blend of retro-futurist pop music, this EP includes a radio edit and dub version of the title track, featuring tandem vocals with Alessia Turcato, along with remixes by KeX/1 (Lloyd Price of The Frixion) and AnalogueTrash label-mates Vieon. The non-album track 'Ariane 5' is named for the European Space Agency space rocket.


This follows the well-received lead single 'Future Radio', which was co-produced by Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk) collaborator iEuropean (Sean Barron) and was co-written with Brian McCloskey. It also features a remix by Ricardo Autobahn (AKA John Matthews), best known as one half of Spray and UK chart toppers The Cuban Boys. 

One of the first tracks written for this LP, the roots of 'Overview Effect' trace back to a livestream improvisation, which he coincidentally recorded. The lyrics came later, inspired by astronauts’ documented experiences viewing our home planet.

James T. Kirk also went to space in real life. Life imitated art. On his return, William Shatner said ‘I'm so filled with emotion about what just happened ... it's extraordinary. I hope I never recover, that I can maintain what I feel now. I don't want to lose it. It's so much larger than me and life. I am overwhelmed. I had no idea.’ Shatner had experienced the overview effect - a cognitive shift caused by the experience of seeing first-hand the reality of the Earth in space.

"This effect brings about profound changes in those who have undergone it, changes others should take on board,,” explains Peter Fitzpatrick. "After observing our planet from space, astronauts feel obliged and responsible for the care of this tiny fragile ball of life, shielded only by a paper-thin atmosphere. The cool rich kids are going to space. It's all the rage. Maybe we should protect what's left of this planet before playing space tourists? The universe isn't going anywhere. The earth certainly is. Our house is on fire. Won't someone please tell  the cool rich kids?”

Circuit3 debuted with the 'siliconchipsuperstar' LP (2018), followed by 'The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything' (2019), praised by Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven17). He also recently featured on Rodney Cromwell 'Opus Three' EP.

For Fitzpatrick, 'Technology For The Youth' was the album he always hoped he would make, constructed from the brave ambitions of forward-thinking scientists and politicians, along with the remembered hopes, dreams and fascinations of a young Dublin boy. These crisp electronic pop songs and atmospheric instrumentals were created with an enviable array of analogue synthesizers. Focused on the period before digital synthesis, the lyrics are informed by space exploration efforts pre-dating the first Space Shuttle.

As of June 8, 'Overview Effect' will be released across online platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The 'Technology For The Youth' LP will enter orbit on July 15, to be made available digitally as well as vinyl (with 5 different colour options).

"Truly retro-futuristic... youthful sound that lifts your spirits" ~ The Record Stache

"Uplifting electro pop with Pet Shop Boys-esque Fairlight drums, poppy vocal samples and a joyful lead vocal" ~ Altvenger

"Classic synth with fabulous textures, voicing and rhythmic effects" ~ Electricity Club

"Very well balanced.. an album that can make your speakers pop" ~ Synthpoplover

"Stunning blend of analogue synth ear candy and 5 minutes into-the-future lyrics in a style not seen since the 1978-1982 era of electronic pop" ~ AnalogueTrash


Overview Effect


8 June 2022



1. Overview Effect (Radio Edit)
2. Overview Effect (KeX/1 Remix)
3. Overview Effect (Vieon Remix)
4. Ariane 5 (Non-Album Track)
5. Overview Effect (Dub Mix)

All music written and recorded by Peter Fitzpatrick
All lyrics written by Peter Fitzpatrick except ''Future Radio',
written by Brian McCloskey
All songs recorded and produced in Ireland by Peter Fitzpatrick
'Future Radio' co-produced by Sean Barron (ex-Kraftwerk collaborator iEuropean)
Mastered by Richard Dowling (WAV Mastering)
Backing Vocals on 'Overview Effect' by Alessia Turcato

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