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Dani Kristina - AURA

WORLD I Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Kristina releases her debut EP “Aura”, featuring previously released tracks “Burning Parachute” and “You Don’t Get to Choose” as well as three new songs “Deceived”, “Drift Away” and “Laundry Day”. Created alongside Grammy-nominated Trevor James Anderson, who co-wrote “Drift Away”, “Aura” fuses various influences and genres to create a cinematic pop sound.

Speaking about the EP, Dani says: “This release really encompasses the various influences at play when I’m writing, or even just existing. I’ve never been able to box myself into just one category, and I think that by listening to “Aura” that becomes really evident. This project has kind of been a journey of me finding out who I am as an artist, and it explores a lot of inner conflicts that I’ve experienced throughout my writing and recording process. I really hope that this release reaches some people who have felt the same things as me, and I hope they fall in love with some of the complex emotions I explore throughout.

Deceived (Official Audio) - Dani Kristina

With artwork created by filmmaking, photography, and music video creation company Deadlight Films, which is releasing their own projects in early November, Dani captures the essence of her tracks in her visuals and continues to collaborate with local creators in her community. Taking you on a journey through her lost relationships and her path to self-acceptance, Dani Kristina crafts an incredibly relatable and vulnerable atmosphere through this release.

The Canadian songwriter has revealed that a music video for one of the EP’s tracks will be released mid-November and teases acoustic performances of these songs to be shared virtually.

→ Stream "Aura" NOW

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1. Deceived
2. Drift Away
3. Burning Parachute
4. Laundry Day
5. You Don’t Get to Choose
Writers: Danijela Kristina Hajdinjak, Trevor James Anderson
Producers: Julijana Hajdinjak, Trevor James Anderson
Guitars: Andrew Sporcic
Backup Vocalists: Julijana Hajdinjak, Julia St. Cyr, Andrew Sporcic, Andrew Draganjac, Claire Mason
Drums: Zachariah Pepe
Mix Engineer: Trevor James Anderson
Vocal Producer: Trevor James Anderson
Artwork: Deadlight Films
"Aura" recorded at Noble Street Studios, Toronto.
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