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Thrillsville - Say Goodbye To The Light

WORLD I LA-based artist Thrillsville has revealed their new addiction and obsession-driven video single 'The Fever', previewing the forthcoming EP 'Say Goodbye to the Light', out in December. With art and animation by Patrick Surace, this mini-film was directed, edited and VFX by Precious Child, Shadow Sunrise LLC.

An amalgamation of dark electronic, industrial, synthpop, goth rock, dark dance, EBM and alternative rock, Thrillsville is the solo project of composer/producer Rani Sharone.

Thrillsville - The Fever (Official Music Video)

Produced and mainly recorded in Sharone's own studio, for this release, Thrillsville worked with Ulrich Wild (Deftones, White Zombie, Static-X), a frequent collaborator, who co-mixed and mastered this EP.

This EP also features Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jerry Cantrell) on drums and Dominique Lenore Persi on backing vocals - both of which are also Rani Sharone's band members in Stolen Babies. This EP include two reworks of Stolen Babies songs 'So Close' and 'Second Sleep'.

Best known for his dark cabaret / experimental rock band Stolen Babies, Sharone has collaborated and performed with Puscifer, Marilyn Manson and TV/film composer Tyler Bates, to name a few.

Since starting to play live in 2017, Thrillsville has opened for such notable artists as Stabbing Westward, PIG, Gost and Dance With the Dead, in addition to co-headlining a southwest tour with Precious Child in 2018. He has also written music for the big and small screen, including scoring the experimental animated feature 'My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea' (Jason Schwartzman, Susan Sarandon, Maya Rudolph), which is currently on Netflix.

© Photo by Precious Child

"This EP represents my voice as a producer and artist. These five songs were therapy for me and all have their own vibe and style. My pop sensibility as well as my darker, cinematic and heavier side is represented on this release," says Rani Sharone.

"Inspiration comes in many forms, but my prime motivation lately has been reality being so fucked up that it makes me escape it and get lost in my writing. Once I get a song idea amd mood sketched out - that’s usually when lyrics present themselves often times coming from scenarios from movies or life experience, but in the case of the 'The Fever', the lyrics were directly inspired by the 1960’s Twilight Zone episode also titled The Fever, which in turn heavily inspired the narrative for the video."

Thrillsville's music and sound aesthetic is influenced by the music of  The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Revolting Cocks, Mike Patton, Film Music and Bauhaus.

'The Fever' is out now, available online digitally everywhere, including Apple Music and Spotify. The full 'Say Goodbye to the Light' EP will be released on December 4, but can already be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

"Pounding beats and challenging stereotypes... angry passion and the sheer physicality of the energy embodied in this music are apparent. Here we have notably high-quality music with strong hooks while retaining simplicity" ~ Big Takeover Magazine

"Sharply produced and overall easy to take in, coming across with a superb industrial pop sound, and translating its influence from a very tasteful source into something completely disparate and engaging” ~ Destroy//Exist

“Smooth, swaying industrial pop, with Sharone’s low voice singing over a slow groove of palm-muted guitars, synths that creep along before acting up with a brief arpeggio, and an echoing snare that plants the industrial flag into this dark pop ground" ~ CryptTeaze

“Equal parts industrial tinged Stabbing Westward and Sisters of Mercy-esque goth rock.. wherever it’s meeting in the middle is a sonically perfect place" ~ Echosynthetic


 'Say Goodbye to The Light' EP
4 December 2020

Directed, edited and VFX by Precious Child, Shadow Sunrise LLC. Environmental Art/Animation: Patrick Surace
Words/Music by Thrillsville (Rani Sharone)
Recorded and mixed by Rani Sharone & Ulrich Wild
Mastered by Ulrich Wild
Backing vocals by Dominique Lenore Persi
Drums on 'The Caller' by Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan)


01 The Fever
02 So Close
03 The Caller
04 Second Sleep
05 Body Bag

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Music is not a virus! Admittedly, it contaminates you with the melody, the lyrics, but it can be bought, discovered, hummed, tickles the hollow of your ear, is released on your lips ... Think of the artists, they illuminate your daily life and feed the memory of pretty refrains which will become memories.
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