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WORLD I Los Angeles-based alt rock / post-punk collective Beauty in Chaos presents the third video/single from the ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’album - ‘Stranger’ (Holy Wars - Cruel World Mix) featuring Kat Leon (ofHoly Wars), recently released on vinyl, CD and digitally via 33.3 Music Collective.

The extreme sonic treatment to the original ‘Cocteau Twins-esque’ version appearing on ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ was created by Holy Wars guitarist Nick Perez, who says “The Cruel World remix is a dark cinematic interpretation of “Stranger”. The original piece was so lush and Beautiful that it seemed it would be a great challenge to make it ugly and cold using heavy distortion, industrial elements and tape”.


Since Beauty In Chaos is not a typical band, our videos are really the ‘face’ of BIC. I strive for each video to be different and as much of a 180 degree shift for the previous as possible!  Fre Pacheco’s video treatment on this video is certainly light years different than the previous single ‘Temple Of Desire’ so I can check that box!  ‘Stranger’ is one of my favorite songs we have done. This was certainly a popular choice for many of the artists to remix, and I really love what Nick did with the song and his deconstructing approach, injecting sort-of Massive Attack / ‘90s NIN sonics to it.  As soon as I heard it, I knew it would be perfect for Fre’s editing style" says BIC main-man Michael Ciravolo.

Kat Leon adds, “The reimagination of 'Stranger' by Nick Perez is one of my favorites. I love how he restructured the song and made a new arrangement, giving it an overall mechanical, dark and industrial vibe. The music video for this track, edited by Fre Pacheco, compliments the song well with its intense and thought-provoking imagery. The idea to bury one's self is the feeling in this video- using footage I previously shot, waiting for the right track to showcase it, and this remix of 'Stranger' seemed to be a perfect fit. I would say the video for this remix was much of a remix itself, using footage from my personal arsenal, footage from the original 'Stranger' music video and additional imagery to bridge all worlds together.”

This release follows ‘Temple of Desire (Box Cutter Mix) featuring Rafe Pearlman on vocals and created by producer and film composer Tyler Bates (former Marilyn Manson lead guitarist, who also scored the music for Guardians Of The Galaxy, John Wick and The Watchmen, among other films).

© Photo by Mel Hummel

Beauty in Chaos is curated by guitarist Michael Ciravolo, who also happens to be President of Schecter Guitars. On ‘Out of Chaos Comes…’, he turns the creative reins over to an extremely talented cast of producers, artists and DJs, including Tim Palmer (The Mission, U2, David Bowie), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, HIM, Depeche Mode), The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell, EDM star Bentley Jones, and Marilyn Manson guitarist Paul Wiley.

The full 27-track collection (available on CD) is deep and diverse and includes a few surprises. Ashton Nyte’s gorgeous acoustic version of ‘The Outside’, Cinthya Hussey (whose beautiful painting also graces the cover) does a beautiful rendition of ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’, and an acoustic/mellotron drenched ‘Memory Of Love’ from Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina.  You will even find some new and fantastic guitar moments from The Mission’s Simon Hinkler, Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy. The Wonder Stuff) and Nick Johnston.

‘Out Of Chaos Comes… is now available on vinyl (8 tracks), CD (14 tracks) and digitally (27 tracks). The full digital version is included with an LP / CD purchase. Limited-edition colored vinyl also includes an exclusive cover-art poster, signed by the many of the artists involved. It can be ordered in its various formats at www.beautyinchaosmusic.com/music-store


“I have now remixed 2 versions of the wonderful Beauty In Chaos song ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ – one with Wayne and the other with Wayne’s wife Cinthya. It’s a strong composition and works very well with a male and female perspective and performance. The versions are very different. I always jump at the chance of working with a Hussey. Either one of them!” ~ Tim Palmer

“First of all I was pissed at Michael for not asking me to play on his album but then I forgave him when he asked me to do a remix and with the incredible Kat Leon on vocals, how could I say no?” ~ Roger O’Donnell (The Cure)

“So I wanted to give it more dynamics and a more cinematic noir SiFi dimension. I really like the vocals and words but wanted to wrap in a different world, time and space and make it very John Fryer Black Needle Noise-esq” ~ John Fryer (Producer / Black Needle Noise)


Beauty in Chaos
‘Stranger (Holy Wars - Cruel World Mix)'
feat. Kat Leon from 'Out Of Chaos Comes...' LP

33.3 Music Collective
9 December 2020

‘Stranger’ written by Kat Leon, Michael Rozon and Michael Ciravolo
Kat Leon - vocals
Nick Perez - guitars, synths and drum programming
Michael Ciravolo - guitars
Michael Rozon - piano
Video created and edited by Fre Pacheco (Flares and Glitches)
Additional footage by Erin Nahifeh and Arden Fisher
Drone footage by Leo Lesh
with original 'Stranger' video footage by Leslie Gladney and Eric Thirteen


01.  The Delicate Balance of All Things (Plague Dodger Mix) ft. WAYNE HUSSEY / created by TIM PALMER
02.  Temple Of Desire (Box Cutter Mix) ft. RAFE PEARLMAN  / created by TYLER BATES
03.  Stranger (Domin8mix) ft. KAT LEON  / created by JOHN FRYER
04.  A Kind Cruelty (She-Devil Mix) ft. CURSE MACKEY / created by MGT
05.  The Outside  (Acoustic Version) ft. ASHTON NYTE / created by ASHTON NYTE
06.  Stranger (Gloss Tension Mix) ft. KAT LEON  / created by PAUL WILEY
07.  A Kind Cruelty (The Sinistrality Mix) ft. CURSE MACKEY / created by TIM PALMER
08.  The Delicate Balance of All Things (Equipoise Mix) ft. CINTHYA HUSSEY / created by Michael Rozon and Michael Ciravolo with WAYNE HUSSEY
09.  Almost Pure (Purist Of The Pure Mix) ft. STEVEN SEIBOLD / created by MICHAEL ROZON and MICHAEL CIRAVOLO with KEVIN KIPNIS
10.  Stranger  (Everyone Dies Mix) ft. KAT LEON  / created by ROGER O’DONNELL
11.  The Outside (Isolation Mix) ft. ASHTON NYTE  / created by TIM PALMER
12.  Stranger (Cruel World Mix) ft. KAT LEON  / created by NICK PEREZ
13.  The Outside  (Street Mix) ft. ASHTON NYTE  / created by ROMAN MARISAK
14.  The Delicate Balance of All Things (Rapid Reiteration Mix) ft. CINTHYA HUSSEY

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 Kat Leon photo by Mel Hummel.
Nick Perez photo by Wes Marsala. Michael Ciravolo photo by Tish Ciravolo 
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