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Sunset Sons • Rum & Coca Loca


"Rum & Coca Loca" (out January 2020), is Sunset Son's second single to be re-released with AntiFragile following "Smile".  Sunset Sons are a band brought together by a love of music, surfing and snowboarding.

They formed when Bournemouth-born singer Rory was singing cover songs on the piano at a bar in the French surfing resort of Soorts-Hossegor, where he worked washing dishes. His repertoire – everything from Coldplay to D12 to Queens Of The Stone Age – intrigued Newcastle native Jed.

Along with two other friends the pair formed a touring covers band, roaming the Alps and playing to winter holidaymakers. The band then started writing songs themselves, and found themselves in a flurry of record label hype. Since then, they have released five EPs and two albums and have toured extensively throughout the U.K., Europe and West Coast of the U.S.



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