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CERNICHOV • The Mold Legacy


The Mold Legacy is the Second Full Length Album by Cernichov, a Noise/Ambient Duo based between Brussels and Milan, of US (David Gutman) and Italian (Marco Mazzucchelli) nationality.

The concept runs around the idea of a reign dominted by some organic rules.

Not necessarily human choices are driven by the external environment, such as the eco system or the economic social frame, but, due to its inner structure as widespread organism colony, it might be affected by such sub universe in the decision process from a sub-conscious perspective.

Mold and mushrooms are the largest living organism and the Duo tried to imagine if all humans obey to their reign.

Available in 1 CLICK !!!
Produced and Mixed by David Gutman
Photographies by Marco Mazzucchelli and David Gutman
Artwork by Marco Mazzucchelli

Dornwald Records Italy


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