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Marco Dalla Villa • Wonderful days (feat. Leanna Gage)


Marco Dalla Villa is a London based DJ and producer originally from Italy. Having studied music theory and composition from a very young age, Marco uses his theoretical knowledge in an experimental way. Instead of following a structure, his songs are simply a flow of real emotions which follow a strong, hypnotic beat. Marco doesn’t take himself too seriously and hopes his listeners will do the same. With the ultimate goal of making music to share emotions and encouraging others to dance and feel happy, Marco provides a healthy dose of positivity throughout his intoxicating soundscapes. 

His latest release Wonderful Days is a modern take on the 1971 song Help (Get me some Help)” by Tony Ronald. Telling the tale of longing for love after experiencing heartbreak, the melancholy lyrics are a juxtaposition to the uplifting melodies. Marco took the melody from a football chant from his local football team, deciding to put a fresh spin on the tune and combining it with the 1971 hit. This unusual amalgamation of songs delivers a feel-good anthem that’ll be stuck in your head all day long. 

Leanna Gage provided the vocals for the track, adding a mellow, chilled-out vibe to the sun-soaked song. The song features zesty, tropical drums, silky, sunny synths and an upbeat tempo which blurs the lines with bouncy indie guitar riffs and loops radiating both warmth and sorrow. The production captures the hopefulness and surrender to the fear of love.

Marco Dalla Villa is here to brighten your day with Wonderful Dayscurrently available worldwide. 

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