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Modesty Blaise • The Modesty Blaise


Bristol-based avant indiepop outfit Modesty Blaise has present their new single 'Come Lie Beside Me' ahead of releasing their long-awaited album ‘The Modesty Blaise’ via German label From Lo-Fi to Disco!  A baroque pop collection, 'The Modesty Blaise' is the band's third studio album and their first LP in 20 years since releasing their head-turning 'Melancholia' LP (2001), featuring hit single 'Carol Mountain'.

Frontman Jonny Collins explains, Come Lie Beside Me came from a conversation on tour in Germany about whether it was possible to get certain words into songs, in this case “ramshackle”. Well frankly, that’s easy. It turned into a rather tender song because of Gregory’s Pale Blue Eyes guitar pointing to the reason why the third Modesty Blaise album is called The Modesty Blaise ( the third Velvet Underground album is The Velvet Underground). Ally that to vocals redolent of The Beatles “Because” and you have Come Lie Beside Me, track 3 on The Modesty Blaise where all ballads should be. With it’s video referencing Warhol’s Factory it should last for 24 hours. But it’s just a perfect 2:44.”


Earlier, the band previewed a few tracks including lead single 'Girls Just Wanna Dance', a perfect orchestral pop song and live favourite singalong that is more Music Hall than Dance Hall, 'Sad Songs', 'I Love You' and 'Natalie Vendredi' with its endearing nouvelle vague video.

Modesty Blaise have been around for a few decades in various guises. After forming in late 1993, the band quickly recorded their debut single 'Christina Terrace' with the esteemed Edwyn Collins at the helm, garnering them immediate success with a live appearance on ITV and inclusion among many many end-of-year top music rankings. This acclaim however was not enough to quell the kind of internecine warfare that Modesty Blaise have become famous for.

After 'Melancholia', the band faced one delay after another with line-up changes and deteriorating personal circumstances. An all-too-familiar spiral, the years went by slowly but, no matter how bad it got, Jonny still had his guitars in his mum’s attic.

" When everyone else was in their bedrooms working on guitar solos and dreaming of being a rock god, I was reading biographies of Cole Porter and listening to Gershwin and Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin. I try to write concise things, with deliberate moves away from that where necessary," says frontman and songwriter Jonny Collins.

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"Melody, arrangement and counter melodies... The 3 minute pop single is, I’d contest, the summit of great art. It is timeless, and we consistently get it wrong confusing art with commerce. If your art (or your pop record) sounds like today, it may sound like yesterday pretty soon. Pop iconoclasm".

Oher Modesty Blaise career highlights include supporting Robbie Williams at London's O2 Arena, inclusion in a Rough Trade compilation, an ITV company documentary on Jonny Collins, and a BBC Radio session involving seventeen people.

As of March 26, 'The Modesty Blaise' LP will be available digitally everywhere, including SpotifyApple Music and Amazon. In the UK, it can be ordered from Rough Trade in the UK, hhv in Germany, Disk Union in Japan and via the label itself.

“A sublime sugar lump of a single; a song that captures what is great about charming English pop. Part C86 part 67 psych pop, a beautifully written slice of nostalgia" ~ Monolith Cocktail

"This will lure you in, the same way that Roger Moore's The Saint and Emma Peel and John Steed's The Avengers did... This is the new Pulp - but with steller retro flair that, both sound and fashion-wise, runs deeper than Jarvis Cocker's own wardrobe" ~ Amplify Music Magazine

"Modesty Blaise makes for cheeky pop perfection... Fantabulous dance-pop, Modesty Blaise will remind you that Brits are the king of wit and groovy retro-laced musical wanderings, not far from the mark set by Pulp back in the 90s" ~ Big Takeover Magazine


Modesty Blaise
The Modesty Blaise
From Lo-Fi to Disco!
26 March 2021

Jonny Collins – vocals
David W Brown – bass
Gregory Jones – guitars
Mark Bradley – drums
Alastair Jenkins – guitars
Roger MacDuff – violins
Jörn Elling Wuttke - mixing at Klangfabrik Frankfurt

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