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Sergio Sylvestre • SAFE


We’ve all dreamed of one day packing up our belongings and heading off overseas for a life of adventure and that’s exactly what the European superstar singer, Sergio Sylvestre, did back when he was 22. 

He loved his holiday in Italy so much that he decided to stay, working various jobs on the door of clubs until finally getting a lucky break singing in one of the top clubs in the region.

Sergio went on not only to become fluent in Italian, but also to have the confidence to enter one of the country’s top TV talent shows - Amici di Maria De Filippi ( the Italian equivalent of X-Factor) winning it with his incredible voice. Following his win, he’s released 3 albums and continues to work with other top talent to launch new singles.

However, things weren’t always so easy. Born and raised in Inglewood California, he could never have dreamed that one day he’d be singing for the Pope or opening the Coppa Italia or topping the charts in a country he’d never even visited. But that’s what happened, Sergio Sylvestre is now famous not only within Italy but across Europe.


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