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New single Ashes
“essential to the birth of St. Solaire”


It’s almost time! The long-awaited debut album you=me by Rotterdam-based band St. Solaire hits the shelves on June 18th. To reduce some of the tension, the indie pop formation releases their new single Ashes today. A true classic to loyal fans who have seen the band live, which is exactly why it simply needs to be on the record: the track really is essential to the birth of the band and their sound. 

In the summer of 2015, singer Geert van Emden and guitarist Jesse den Dulk decided to spend two months writing songs non-stop. The two had been friends for some time, but found a musical connection when they were both dealing with recent break-ups. The urge to put their thoughts and feelings into music became the main driving force behind their collaboration, eventually leading to the creation of the band that would become St. Solaire.

Geert: Ashes was written after one of those nights out, hopelessly searching for a way to fill the void created by the absence of love. Ashes represents those early mornings, leaving the bars and walking home in silence. Those moments of silence were when I found healing, rather than at the bottom of the glass… The silence allowed me to really unwind. Ashes takes you on this trip and grabs you by the throat, so put on your headset and listen in silence!

St. Solaire
Spellbinding and elegant, St. Solaire’s characteristic blend of soothing acoustics and subtle musical coloring led to a sparse and captivating musical output. The band have created an expansive palette of rich harmonies and well-balanced percussive layers harnessing Geert van Emden’s compelling vocal qualities.

Having proven themselves on stages like TivoliVredenburg, Doornroosje and Paradiso; at music festivals like Where the Wild Things Are and Motel Mozaïque; or supporting indie pop band HAEVN and American singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie on tour – St. Solaire has taken root as a skillful and heartwarming live band.
The band are about to venture into new territory with their upcoming full-length release, which will be released on June 18th, 2021. They teamed up with engineer Sam Jones (Klangstof, Luwten, Luka) who makes the band sound the way they are: integer and layered.


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