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Who Shot Liberty?


Who Shot Liberty?
Liberty, Fraternity…French Pop!
Who Shot Liberty? is the brainchild of London-based songwriter and producer Dan Synge. The new French Pop Radio EP showcases original compositions that reveal a once secretly held crush on Euro synth pop, 70’s glam, alt country and Latin jazz.
Says Dan: “I’ve always wanted to celebrate in song the greats of French pop such as Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy and Johnny Hallyday. And with Britain no longer in Europe this is the right time to let this heart-felt tribute out of the bag.”

While the title track French Pop Radio Show is an infectious burst of nostalgia-laden pop/soul -- imagine ABBA teaming up with members of T Rex and Kraftwerk to perform a Eurovision song for France -- Bitter Soul is an anthemic country-infused lament for a relationship gone bad. Grace lightens the mood with a soothing Goldfrapp-ish bossa vibe, while the rocker New Best Friend is a no-holds-barred new wave contest between The Go Go’s and The B-52’s.

Guesting on lead vocals with Who Shot Liberty? is Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Anselmo, whose band Carousel Rogues are already firmly established on the US indie scene. The EP is produced by Pat Collier at Perry Vale Studios. Past credits include Primal Scream, Katrina and The Waves, Belinda Carlisle and Clem Burke (Blondie).

Dan started his musical journey playing in new wave bands while still at school before graduating to his role as guitarist and songwriter-in-chief for Daniel Takes A Train, taking in club DJ’ing and funk bands in Barcelona and the 90’s London acid jazz scene along the way, collaborating with members of both The Jazz Defektors and Corduroy.
 EP is released 1 April for streaming.


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