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Aibai & Colby Hansen ~ Aura & All Night


Aibai  & Colby Hansen ~ Aura & All Night

Aibai is a 23-year-old producer based in Minneapolis. Her songs are filled with ambient, cinematic soundscapes that create a daydream-like atmosphere. Originally focusing on making electronic music, the young musician has started to diversify her sound in her recent releases, exploring more of the alternative, indie and R&B realm. Inspired by electronic artists like Odesza and Flume, as well as indie/alt greats such as Clairo, Rex Orange County and Goth Babe, Aibai combines these two worlds, while giving it a unique flair of her own. 

Aura featuring Colby Hansen is the ultimate masterpiece of dreamy, romantic, summer warmth. The track enters with mirrored rolling waves of synths, oscillating and gently pulsing over harmonic chords glazed in an undeniable uplifting aura. Lyrically the song is a whirlpool of excitement, narrating a queer relationship and the emotions of seeing a cute girl in a crowd at a concert and wanting to dance with her. The song exemplifies the feelings of nervousness and excitement of meeting someone new and wanting to connect on a deeper level.


Aibai shares,I feel like with the pandemic, live music has really taken a toll and this song just makes me want to get out, play a show, dance, enjoy the company of friends and live to the fullest. Aibai describes the track as a means of bringing hope to the future of live performances and life getting moving again.


"All Night" speaks about being in a relationship that you may have to sacrifice due to moving somewhere to chase your dreams and potentially losing the relationship forever due to that. Aibai shares, "I wanted to make a dark song that someone might dance to in a club or something. The song is pretty sad I would say, but has a strong beat and is very climatic so it is a good one to dance to. I had Colby add some live drums to this one which definitely added a nice touch to it!"

Aibai has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams for her music, as well as features on prestigious publications such as The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, EDM.com, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and Rolling Stone.

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