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blueish ~ Cold Feet


blueish ~ Cold Feet

Indie-pop band ‘blueish’ are a trio based across London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Emil, Flo and Victor formed the band in 2020 after finding themselves grouped up in a chance writing session at Riverside Studios, Berlin. The trio was partly formed out of protest an is a celebration of unity and creative collaboration across the continent It was there that they wrote their first single ‘tears4fears’, which was then performed on Danish national TV for Copenhagen Pride’s annual festival.

“Music is never made alone, and amongst all the division that’s been spoken these past few years, we wanted to show something else and celebrate a sense of creative unity across the continent  - blueish

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Drawing individually from an eclectic range of influences and genres, the group has spent the past year experimenting and forming their sound, creating songs that serve to create self-contained musical worlds. Their combined credits and collabs include giants in the pop and indie realms such as Tears For Fears, Alec Benjamin, Christina Aguilera, Sigrid, Aurora, AHA & Billie Marten, amongst others.

Written in the midst of a messy breakup, blueish’s latest single Cold Feet, tells the story of young love in an unsustainable relationship. It conveys the realisation of being in a toxic partnership and the subsequent difficulty in accepting its end. The song draws on inspiration from a mix of dance music, UK garage and bedroom pop to create a song that diverges from the last single and marries live instrumentation with the drive and energy of dance and garage

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