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Born and raised in bilingual Montreal, Toronto-based pop entertainer, IAMREBELWILL is influenced by the showmanship of Janet Jackson, the eclectic artistry of Andre 3000 and the vibes and feels of Kaytranada.

Now unveiling his new project RebelFuturism, the artist is using his voice to challenge the stereotypical perspective in mainstream pop music and help empower the underrepresented LGTBQ+ and POC community to be fearlessly themselves. RebelFuturism, is seductive, contemporary pop, soaked in the neon bleached nightclub vibes of house bass-lines, infused with irresistible pop hooks and melodies.

It’s a soundtrack for modernity, addressing sexuality, sexual fluidity, identity and equality,” says Rebel. As a proud queer black man I wanted to create something that gave a voice to my experience and a voice to folks whose stories the majority of time are not told.”

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Addicted is the first single to be released off of the upcoming project. An anthem of being hopelessly in love Rebel declares,I spent a huge portion of my life afraid to be myself and this project allows me to finally be authentically Rebel!” The single is a sleek, exploration of love. Narrating the navigation of feelings, “Addicted” talks of looking back from an objective standpoint at a first time relationship, falling in love and trying to understand the experience. Co-written with Tafari Anthony, the single is dripping in groove and energy, encouraging you to live unapologetically yourself. 

Produced by Nick Katz, Addicted has an undeniable addictive electricity to the track, with a slapping bass line and cool, fresh synths that ooze powerful, sassy vibes. The funk and rhythm on this single carries a constant glow of confidence.



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DIFFUSION May, 30, 2021

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