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Cielo Oceano ► All Gone wrong


Cielo Oceano  ► All Gone wrong

The new single and accompanying video by duo dreampop-indiepop duo Cielo Oceano “All gone wrong” is a sonically charged adventure of swirling textures, introspection, and fuzz laden undertones.

It is the first impression of what their approach has been in crafting the follow up to their well received debut album The Space Has Always Reduced Me to Silence”.

Cielo Oceano- All Gone wrong from the album "Have you stared at the sea?"
(2021 Jak Jonson Tapes/Patetico Recordings)


The duo, comprised by Puerto Rican musician Andres Lugo and Tom Lugo, interlaces dreampop-shoegaze aesthetics and indie-pop songwriting. Their experimental approach in creating hypnotic otherworldly guitar tones and melodies are often confused as synthesizers, which are not used by the duo.

Have You Ever Stared At The Sea? - the duo’s sophomore album- is set to release July 20, 2021 and the CD is currently on pre-order via Jak Jonson Tapes.


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