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STRANGER GIRL ♫ Powerhouse


STRANGER GIRL ♫ Powerhouse

Stranger Girl return with a whole new five-track EP titled ‘Black Hole Radio’, alongside the release of the emotional leading single, ‘Powerhouse’. Packed with belting vocals, shimmering arrangements and emotively raw lyrics, ‘Powerhouse’ mirrors Stranger Girls’ embellished alternative-indie sound, a real foot stomper appealing to the indie scene.


‘Powerhouse’ makes the perfect statement as the leading single from the EP, telling a story of dreamed romanticism, chasing fantasy and battling self-doubt. The chorus has the usual punch that Stranger Girl strives for, with a fist-throwing melody and enigmatic hooks, alongside an underlying darkness of echoing bass lines and moody lyricism.



‘Night Terrors’ is truly the band’s own. From the writing, to the recording and final master, the EP was made wholeheartedly to the band’s creative vision. Both bold and determined, anxious and somewhat nerdy, the EP tells tales from the perspective of these four individuals as they navigate life in their twenties. The band mainly draw from indie classics such as Blondieand The Strokes, infusing these sounds with elements of the 2010’s pop-punk scene and a touch of nerd-rock along the lines of Weezer and Indoor Pets. As a result, Stranger Girl enter the scene as a femme fronted indie-pop explosion, with strong top-lines and pop production, paired with the raw guitar-sounds of the bands that take you back to your teenage years. 


With their first series of musical releases in 2019, Stranger Girl have seen successes such as features on BBC Introducing South's Track of the Week, and placements on recognised playlists such as 'ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FOREVER' and 'Hot Music'. They have also played at numerous venues and events across London and Brighton, including the Camden Assembly and the Great Escape Festival. Listen to the new single ahead of its release now.


 Release date: 18/06/21


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DIFFUSION June, 18, 2021

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