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Unibummer ► Medium Love


Unibummer ► Medium Love

Medium Love is the latest incarnation of Californian born, London based KC Underwood. After the demise of his previous project Big Deal, (Mute, Fat Cat) the songwriter took a break from the good life but soon began hearing music in his dreams. Taking it as a sign to start creating music once again, Underwood named the project after a particular dream - one where he was part of an audience that became one super organism, feeling love move through them with the music. 

On his latest single, Unibummer Underwood seeks to find some small comfort in the endless waves of change of the current age, an effort to grow when the Universe seems intent on flattening you like a pancake. Partly inspired by fellow hermit turned outsider misfit Ted Kazinsky, Underwood decided instead of blowing people up perhaps a nice melody and kind message can break the spell of modern living. Underwood explains, "He felt like he had to terrorise the USA to get his message heard, which is both insane and relatable."

Mixed by Nathan Ridley (Gay Girl, Phobophobes) and mastered by Dean Reid (Lana Del Ray), the track gives off a calming, sunny day glow. Soothing backing vocals drift delicately before kicking into a wave of energy, shimmering with singing synths, tight, full drums and impassioned vocals. With a beachy feeling that starts each verse off, the track moves into floating, woozy energy with dancing, romantic guitars. Taking inspiration from an emporium of genres, artists and decades, Medium Love draws on an amalgamation of influences, creating multiple ear pricking moments. Medium Lover is currently at work on a full-length album with Margot Broom (Goat Girl, Big Joanie, Blue Bendy). 



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DIFFUSION July, 6, 2021

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