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BARBUDO ► Sunshine


BARBUDO  ► Sunshine

BARBUDO deliver pop-funk with polished musicianship and pizzazz from their studio in the south of England. Brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth have taken inspiration from the pioneers of funk, soul and disco to give their contemporary sound a classic and stylish vibe that oozes charm and millennial zeitgeist.

Their songs are instantly memorable and engaging, helped by the band’s laid back feel and knack for intricate and soulful melodies over playful lyrical themes. A dose of Barbudo is a welcome antidote to the tensions and pressures of modern life. 

Their latest singleSunshinetouches on the frustration of misinformation and of losing faith in things you once trusted. Influenced by recent global events, and the search for truth amongst real and fake news, their music is again affected by time and place, lending it a true and present authenticity.

Set alongside this, the tropical heatwave of funky, muffled guitars, chiming synths, and a bass line that will slap you silly, gives the song a burst of feel-good, summertime energy. In true BARBUDO style, vintage vibes rush through “Sunshine”: It’s disco-esque track emitting a steady, calming beat and a constantly soothing wave of rhythm, washed by groovy Wham-reminiscent melodies twisted into a current 2021 feel.

The boys said, Times have been hard for many of us recently and so offsetting the message, we wanted to create something that sounded summery and uplifting but with a deeper message below the surface. It’s fast become a fan favourite live and we are confident that it is our strongest release to date.”

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DIFFUSION August, 20, 2021

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