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Connor Musarra ► Missed Call


Connor Musarra ► Missed Call

Hot off the success of his 2020 Law & Order SVU parody song, Musarra has continued to stay on the scene and in the mind of fans, releasing a song a day for a 150-day streak. His producer credits are vast, including work with televisions “Grown-ish” and ESPN, as well as artists Trisha Paytas and Pussy Riot.


With influences ranging from The Clipse to Frank Ocean, his unique genre-bending style is a favorite amongst the Gen Z social media crowd. Over the years, he’s performed a self-booked tour of the East Coast and opened for Girl Talk at NYC’s iconic Webster Hall. With the release of his new single, “Missed Call,” he’s ready to reach even more listeners.


“Missed Call” is the other side of the quintessential drunk dial. Inspired by a situation where an ex called him 5-year after the breakup, Musarra put his feelings into rhyme with a call-out track. Written, produced, record, mixed, and mastered by Musarra it truly is work all his own.


He riffs over chill piano chords as snares and synths vibe beneath his frustration and anger. As a voicemail plays between the spaces of his raps and hard-hitting trap drums over melancholy piano, it’s the perfect introduction to Musarra laidback style. 



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DIFFUSION August, 21, 2021

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