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Paul Callan ► The Chesty Crow


Paul Callan ► The Chesty Crow

Appearing periodically above me as toiled during the construction of my cabin in the woods this one bird, a crow, sang a very unique song.

This song was so unique that, in a short time, I came to know when my new friend was home to roost. He was so very different from his comrades. Was he talking to me? Was he warning others of my presence?
I became curious. I cawed back at him. He would respond! We sometimes would caw in unison! This was a strange companion indeed! As time went by I enjoyed him more and more.

A random conversation some time later with someone more educated in matters of the crow taught me that the alpha male adopted a different voice so as to stand out from the rest of the flock as he instructed his "Murder". For a short while I became deflated. I realized I had somehow bestowed some sort of mutual bond upon this animal when the reality was very different.
For a while I thought we sang together as equals. I thought we needed each other when, in fact, it was I that needed him. This is my song from one chesty crow to the other.
This year I release one song every month. This will then be compiled and released as an album next year. Most of my work is done in my one roomed cabin in the wild wild woods of Irelands north east.


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