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Chad Watson ~ Whoa


Chad Watson ~ Whoa

My name is Chad Watson and I'm a hip-hop artist out of Los Angeles.  I've done several performances... California to Vegas, Dallas and Arizona.

Opened up for Yo Gotti, been on "Black Hollywood Live" on Afterbuzz TV, placed in several major magazines, have professional music videos on YouTube with thousands of views, over 60,000 plays on Apple Music,  been on KCAA Radio(102.3fm) and DASH RADIO (Music and Talk show w/Mike Live and the Kaliente Girls radio show), for on-air interviews, I'm the 2019 "Backwoods Cigars" winner for the artist showcase for Los Angeles, and I'm even a published model for international lifestyle brands "Oliventa" and "Underrated" and walked the runway for LAFW. 

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DIFFUSION October, 10, 2021

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