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Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher ~ Horror Film House

  From CANADA 

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher ~ Horror Film House

Manchester indie music stalwart and Inca Babies frontmen Harry Stafford and US-based Brazilian guitarist Marco Butcher present their new single/video for 'Horror Film House' from the 'Bone Architecture' album. This track is based on a slick calypso, guitar lick and narrative lyric by Harry Stafford and arrangement by Marco Butcher, who plays drums, solos and provides the spooky elements.

"Horror film House is a film treatment in two and a half pumpkin-shaped minutes. A domestic ‘folk gone bad’ kind of tale, perfect for Halloween. Most definitely in the keeping of classic Horror films, and probably borrowing much from ‘Near Dark’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, it has all the ingredients to tingle the spine," says Harry Stafford.

Black Lagoon Records. 'Horror Film House' video out now

Filmed in a haunted house in North Wales, Harry got away with his soul intact, advising to not look in the mirror, saying ‘Horror Film House’ three times... you just might be sorry.

Not long ago, the duo presented the jazzy dub title track ‘Bone Architecture’ featuring London's Kevin Davy on trumpet, a song about being caught in a riot. It could be an Extension Rebellion Riot, a poll tax riot or even the Peterloo massacre of 1819. Earlier released singles 'Termite City' and 'There's Someone Tryin' To Get In' have also garnered the duo press attention and airplay in dozens of countries.

Best known as founder, guitarist and vocalist of post-punk gothic rockers Inca Babies, Harry’s two most recent solo albums ('Guitar Shaped Hammers' and 'Gothic Urban Blues') reflect a cooler, less frenetic vibe, leaning on piano, trumpets and blues guitar. All this made him the perfect collaborator to set words and lyrics to Marco’s sonic backdrop.  

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Marco Butcher is a prolific artist, his acts include The Jam Messengers, Chicken Snake, and The Jesus and The Groupies. Professing the American underground of blues, jazz, rockabilly and screaming punk blues, he has collaborated with Hugo Race and members of Tex and the Horseheads, Pussy Galore, Gumball, The Gories, Gibson Brothers, Jerry Teel, The Oblivians and The Workdogs.

Written during a year of ‘lockdown hell’, 'Bone Architecture' is a superb collection that is raw and, at times, an unforgiving forage into urban punk blues with fuzzed up jazz and garage trash rock. Here, Harry and Marco’s styles have clashed magnificently into a powerful record that crosses a multitude of genres but with a dirty blues makeover. The LP includes reworked older material, brand-new compositions and even a dirty blues version of the Pink Floyd classic 'Arnold Layne'.

The 'Bone Architecture' album is out now, released on CD and digitally everywhere online, including Spotify and Apple Music. Both formats can be obtained via Bandcamp and the Louder than War shop.

"Unapologetically weaving their way through varied genres, Stafford & Butcher’s bluesy story-based music is raw around the edges, while sucking you willingly inside – a sonic diamond in the rough, so to speak" ~ The Spill Magazine

"The symmetry between the two artists is remarkable... a refreshing track, meshing the grit of blues with an urban thematic. This is dirty but agreeable, weaving straightforward guitar work through the prism of a junkyard instrument approach. Goes down smooth like a good shot of bourbon" ~ Big Takeover Magazine

"Right from the introduction, one is reminded of Lynch’s Twin Peaks and, at the same time, the opening beats of Tones on Tail’s “Happiness,” before you’re thrust into jazzy blues territory" ~ Stereo Embers Magazine


Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher

Bone Architecture

Black Lagoon Records. 'Horror Film House' video out now

Release: 29 October 2021

Harry Stafford - vocals, piano, guitar
Marco Butcher - drums, percussion, bass, sax, guitars, vibraphone
Kevin Davy - horns
Written by Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher
Produced and Mastered by Marco Butcher at Boombox Studio
Catalogue no. BLRCD0055

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DIFFUSION, October, 29, 2021

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