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Lexi Mariah ~ Demons


Lexi Mariah ~ Demons

Lexi Mariah is an American pop artist known for her powerful songwriting and infectious melodies. Her music is an instant indicator of her personality, sharing distinctive lyrics that take you on a journey through her struggles of past losses and how she has learned to cope. Musically influenced by artists such as Bebe Rexha, Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift, Lexi’s sound is described as vivacious, glamorous and energetic.

Her latest single “Demons” touches on battling with your inner demons, resulting in struggling to let people in and trust others. Mariah shares, I’ve made mistakes in the past of opening up too much, too fast and oversharing with people who I shouldn’t have overshared with. Because of this, I don’t always like to let others know how I’m feeling, so I’ll often hide my emotions even if they’re super strong.” 

Produced by Kenny Cash (Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix), the track hones in on delicious 80s flushes and influence from Dua Lipa’s 2021, Future Nostalgia album. Demonsincludes pulsing energy of glittering synths, bursting with vibrancy as the track flows in and out of a funk guitar bringing an electro-retro-dance vibe. With a fun, cohesive pull on bringing disco to 2021 through pop, this track is bursting with dominant bass lines and a bright shimmer of power and strength in the strong hooks and truly catchy chorus. 

Lexi’s music has accumulated thousands of streams across all digital platforms. The singer has managed to gain a dedicated and ever-growing fan base from her catchy melodies and self-empowering lyrics.



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DIFFUSION October, 2, 2021

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