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VUCA ~ Glamour


VUCA ~ Glamour
VUCA is an experimental art collective whose current project, The Geometry of Lies, is an alternate reality experience featuring a novel and an album.
In “GLAMOUR” we take on the perspective of the story's antagonist played by singer-songwriter Davey Harris. Through distorted realities, we dive deep into the tangled web of deceit, manipulation, and sex addiction.

A sultry sonic landscape of atmospheric sounds and the addictive chant of “under my spell” launch “GLAMOUR” into a world of stimulating visuals and vibrations. With influences from 1950’s Sci-Fi and Exotica, this unique track conjures a world of its own when combined with the video, shot in part at the historic Oriental Theater. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jeff Fitzimmons (Across the Line, Ashe ‘68).


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DIFFUSION October, 20, 2021

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