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Lailana ~ Galactic Shores


Lailana ~ Galactic Shores

British singer-songwriter Lailana will be releasing her debut quadripartite EP on the 29th of October 2021. The EP, Galactic Shores, includes four songs that succinctly explore all four stages of a love tragedy as seen through the singer’s eyes.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Lailana said: I’m really proud of this EP which has been a long time in the making. Galactic Shores describes the four stages of a modern-day love tragedy from the perspective of my alter ego Galactica Shora, an aquatic alien from an alternate universe”.

The singer, who is of Palestinian/Lebanese and Filipino descent, started working on the EP two years ago.It’s a true to life story about the tantalizing uncertainty of budding love, deceit, broken friendships, confrontation, anger, loss, acceptance and growth,” she said. In addition to the first song Galactic Shores which documents the first stages of early budding love, there is “Pan!c (interlude)” which deals with paranoia in a relationship when there is a possible threat of a third party.

The third song, “Temptation”, talks about the deception and the grief that comes from the loss of a relationship and friendship and confronting the ones who did you dirty. The fourth song, “The End”, talks about picking yourself back up with self- realisation and self-love. Lailana said: In my mind, I have created this concept of a place called Galactic Shores, which is a safe haven for myself in outer space, on a foreign planet with myself as the only inhabitant. It is a metaphor for my safe space, a safe mental space (my mind) but I transformed it into a physical location as a beach in outer space, with the heavy influence of my astronomical sign, Pisces.”

It's a fantasy world that I want to take the person who is listening on a journey to this place, to this safe haven. I want them to listen to the lyrics and the music and imagine themselves seeing the world through my eyes and the eyes of my alter ego,” she added.

The first of the quadripartite of songs from the EP described the ‘overload of happiness’, the comfort of being in each other's company, and of course the uncertainty of knowing if this new potential partner is going to the ONE, or is right for you,” Lailana says. In production, Lailana and her producer David Waters increased the tempo (BPM) halfway through the first song. We did this is to mimic how you feel when your heart is racing when you first fall in love, when you feel that excitement and your heart jumping out of your chest when you fall in love with someone, Lailana said.

Galactic Shores is unique in that the lyrics are written in a poetic style, more like story telling or a narrative, with a heavy spoken word influence. As an artist, I love to experiment with new sounds and twist and mix genres.” The EP is a mix of alternative pop, opera, indie and RnB. Lailana says she wanted to have each song follow a different style/genre, with similar components throughout. Because this is a story, I wanted to have each song bleed into the next one so that it forms one big story,” she said.

In Galactic Shores, Lailana wanted to add a bit of her opera background into this song so listeners will recognise the layered harmonies and backing vocals throughout the EP. You'll even hear alien-like heartbeats at the end of each song.” she says. One of the proudest moments in creating the last song was gathering the voices of 20+ of her closest friends and family who join Lailana in singing the bridge. It made sense to have the voices of the people who I hold closest to my heart on my first EP, at the end of the day they’re the ones who experienced and helped me get through it all.”

Lailana who is based in London, is an up and coming singer with a unique voice that many people have described as a combination of Amy Winehouse and Adele. Earlier this year she was the featured artist on “BBC Introducing - the South”. With ‘Galactic Shores’ an introduction will be made, and LAILANA’s façade will fall, unveiling an artist of multidimensional talent.”- Noctis Magazine

The EP’s first single, “Galactic Shores,” was the track of the day earlier this year, totalling seven radio plays for LAILANA on the BBC in 2021 alone. The third track of the EP will be making its radio debut on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey this Thursday the 28 th . Lailana also creatively directed her first two music videos and has just wrapped on filming what she calls her “visual album”, a music movie that she filmed with the young cinematographer Ollie Paxton, who filmed and edited her first 2 music videos.

The short film is full of surprises, from LAILANA being painted gold and submerged in sand to a dance crew, to multicoloured aliens and a majestic CGI purple spaceship. The video has a strong video game influence, where the audience follows Galactica Shora through every level (song) until the game is won. I wanted to portray the idea that people will play with your heart and emotions, and how love can be just like a game to them.

The EP will be available on all streaming platforms on the 29 th of October 2021 with the short film following on the 📌12 th of November 2021 on Lailana’s official YouTube channel.



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