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Sabriel ~ Pulse


Sabriel ~ Pulse

Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el) is a singer, songwriter and producer with a whimsical charm and courageous vulnerability. Soaked in serene sounds and alluring instrumentation, the artist meanders through life experiences, exploring her intangible wanderlust.

Confronting and captivating, the new EP is fearlessly honest and willingly open. Doused with poignant reminders of past heartache and impending unknowns, Pulse ignites an emotional response for both the artist and the listener, taking us on an immersive journey. Derived from chapters of Sabriel’s life, this EP represents her growth into real womanhood.

With an unguarded approach to her music, the songs plunge into new and untouched territories, with a constant theme of fire throughout the EP. She expresses, Fire will transform every single thing it comes into contact with. As mesmerizing and warm as it is, if you touch it, you will get burned. I love that. It’s beautiful, but demands respect.”

Experiencing significant and painful change in her life, as expressed in “Pulse” and “Nervous”, she was left with an opportunity to decide what she wanted her life to actually look like, choosing to learn and grow despite all of the unknown that is still ahead of her.

Title track "Pulse" glistens with reflective remnants of the conditional love received in an abusive relationship. Written and produced from the comfort of her bedroom, Sabriel found herself in an intimate and intense experience of deep nostalgia; channeling her feelings through the creation of “Pulse.”

Exuding a tropical, amorous heaven of birdsong, doused in calming electro keys and shimmering chimes, the track is described as her favourite song off the upcoming EP”, beautifully reflecting the amassed amount of life lessons and healing from the past year.

The second single off the six track offering is the haunting, atmospheric "Yellow". The animated melodies playfully come to life, weaving in and out of Sabriel's soulful timbre, while otherworldly synths represent the songwriter exploring uncharted waters. Sabriel speaks about being free to follow your true path and not letting anyone hold you back.

Showcasing a more fiery part of herself in the concise and fervent SFA”, to the nature soaked soundscape of Synch”, this EP is an amalgamation of emotion, exploring and untangling her enigmatic soul.



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