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A Fragile Tomorrow • Lost In Art


A Fragile Tomorrow • Lost In Art

MPress Records has just released "Lost In Art" , the first track/video by A Fragile Tomorrow ahead of the highly anticipated release of their new album, It's Better That Way (out July 15th). Directed and produced byTed Comerford, and filmed at Dreamland Recording in West Hurley, New York. "Lost In Art" features AFT and Peter Holsapple. Premiered by The Big Takeover, the heartfelt/rocking performance shows the band at a lyrical and musical pinnacle which manages to capture both a personal and universally plaintive anthem.

Of the song, Sean Kelly explains "Lyrically, it addresses some of the resistance I've had over the years to conform to a more mainstream approach to music. Musically, (being my favorite songwriter) it is an attempt to do something in the vein of Neil Finn's solo work." 

It's been three years since AFT's last album, Generation Loss It's Better That Way is a sonic melting pot, combining many of the band's musical interests and diving into new territory as well. From Krautrock-psychedelia, to indie rock swagger, to Crowded House-esque pop songcraft, to British folk and hip-hop-influenced sampling, the album showcases the diversity of the band under the art rock banner, a term that AFT has adopted in recent years that has allowed them the freedom to explore outside of the confines of genre

Produced by the band, with additional production by Peter Holsapple (dB's, R.E.M., Hootie and the Blowfish, Continental Drifters), and mastered by Grammy® winning mastering engineer Alan SilvermanIt's Better That Way is AFT's their 3rd album for MPress Records (following their independent Music award winning debut album MPress release Make Me Over in 2014, and 2019's Generation Loss. A Fragile Tomorrow consists of Sean Kelly (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Brendan Kelly (guitar/songwriter/pedal master), Shaun Rhoades (bass), and Josh Kean (drums). Guest appearances include Peter Holsapple (organ, synth, harmonica, harmonium, banjo) and Vicki Peterson (the Bangles, singing on Fraying Wire ). 

Of the album, Sean Kelly explains, "It’s really an amalgamation of everything we love and everything we’re interested in exploring. It’s probably best described as “art rock,” which is a term I shouldn’t like but really do. I think it’s a term that throws genre out the window, which is something that appeals to me." 

MPress Records Releases
A Fragile Tomorrow's Track/Video,
"Lost In Art", Ahead of Forthcoming Album
AFT's album, It's Better That Way, Out July 15th



"Fuzzy guitars, groovy bass lines and grungy yet ethereal vocal harmonies"– Earmilk

"Everyone needs to know this band...and I mean EVERYONE." – Popdose

"Armed with a dynamic musical vision that is experimental as well as politically charged and passionate, A Fragile Tomorrow offers an intelligent, yet contemplative outlook for the future... towards a beautiful, more united, and compassionate tomorrow." – Big Takeover

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