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The Pull of Autumn ○ Live Today ft. Japan's Once Grace Forever

  From CANADA 

The Pull of Autumn ○ Live Today ft. Japan's Once Grace Forever

Art rock collective The Pull of Autumn presents their new single 'Live Today', a joint collaboration with Tokyo dreamgaze band Once Grace Forever. with a kaleidoscopic video created by Rosie Varela of acclaimed shoegaze band EEP.

This comes on the trail of the lead track - 'Outlaw Empire' featuring The Pop Group legend Mark Stewart and bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead, The Rolling Stones, Sugarhill Gang), which is remixed by legendary producer Adrian Sherwood.

"This song celebrates living in the now and enjoying each day as it unfolds. Its rhythm gently unfolds into an anthem of soft lifting sound," says Daniel Darrow.  

"It was exciting to work with much younger musicians on this track as it helps build bridges musically from artists who span across generations to find a community bond in the craft of songwriting and musical production."  

In a never-ending search reaching every corner of the world, The Pull of Autumn's architect Daniel Darrow came across Once Grace Forever while listening to independent radio. Preliminary contact, mutual admiration and talks of collaboration ultimately culminated in this song with Darrow giving it a dream-pop feel by slowing the song down and adding light synth textures and long harmonic trails to the body.     

These initial tracks preview the band's fourth album 'Beautiful Broken World', an ambitious 15-track undertaking that began in early 2020 and involves a number of iconic artists, including Philip Parfitt of The Perfect Disaster, Stuart Moxham of Rough Trade postpunk band Young Marble Giants, Luke Skyscraper James of I.R.S. recording artist FASHION and John Neff, who has contributed to multiple David Lynch films and is also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob.

The Pull of Autumn is a ‘super group’ of sorts, with songs orbiting around Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow of Johanna’s House of Glamour and involving numerous emerging and notable musicians from the local music scene and further abroad. The band's debut 2018 eponymous album was followed by 'Afterglow' in 2019 and 'Small Colors' in 2020.

As of November 16, 'Live Today' will be available across online stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify (where 'Outlaw Empire' can also be found), as well as Bandcamp, where the "Beautiful Broken World' LP (out on December 9) is now available for pre-order.

"A gem... A genuine and welcome earworm" ~ Big Takeover Magazine

"Solid and innovative. Simultaneously upbeat and trippy, it has a very high feel-good vibe" ~ The Record Stache

"Better to travel well than to arrive... this band is not about merely travelling, this is exploration down the unbeaten paths of the glorious unknown" ~ The Swindonian

"Beautiful... Pure and simple. Lyrically emotional and thought-provoking. It has perfect instrumentation and musicality" ~ Spill Magazine

The Pull of Autumn

Live Today ft. Japan's Once Grace Forever

Full 'Beautiful Broken' World' LP out Dec. 9 via RBM Records

18 November 2022


'Live Today' written by Lin Wolinski
Lin Wolinski - bass guitar, vocals        
Natsumi - drums, electronics                              
Dr. Haruka - guitars                                              
Daniel Darrow - synths, electronics                  
'Live Today' video created by Rosie Varela of EEP
'Outlaw Empire' video by Rick Humphrey of This Twisted Wreckage
Album produced by Daniel Darrow
Mastered by Bruce Macleod
Album cover art by Joyce Raskin White


01  Beautiful Broken World
02  She Writes The Words
03  Come Winter
04  Moonbeams
05  Lost Guitar
06  John Clare
07  Outlaw Empire
08  Little Hands
09  Never Swayed
10  Moukie
11  Images Of Light
12  Funhouse
13  Live Again
14  Live Today
15  In Silence

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