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Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys ○ Heaving

  From CANADA 

Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys ○ Heaving

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present 'Heaving', the title track and third single from their forthcoming 'Heaving' album, following the recently-released lead tracks 'Burning Building' and 'Stereoscope'. The full-length album will be released in spring 2023 via Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys are an art pop ambient noise band whose music is full of atmosphere and intensity. Based in Berlin, the group is fronted by South African-born Lucy Kruger. To encounter her music is to witness a singular journey of constant reflection that produces an ever-widening arc of creativity. This burning psychedelic folk is both intimate and energetic.

The song, which opens with a self-possessed pulse and a vocal sample that sits somewhere between a release and a reaching, pulls the listener into a distinct and surreal space - one that is both existential and immediate. There is a physicality to the sound that grounds the more elusive threads, in both sound and subject matter.

The accompanying film was created by Belgian director and motion designer Lena Nerinckx (the co-founder of Contour Collective) , and features Lucy Kruger and Lenny-Dee Doucha. Lena (who studied at both LUCA School Of Arts and Thomas More) uses film as a medium to translate thoughts and feelings into curving realms and surrealistic worlds through a focus on body language. A returning subject in her visual work is how emotions influence reality.

This piece is an intimate and intense duet between Lucy and an unknown but deeply present subject, seen and felt through a pair of hands. There is both effort and inevitability in the act of heaving and in this work. The body - both primal and performative - moves and is moved through a tender and quietly chaotic choreography. It opens its mouth and oozes. The distinction or boundary between the inside and the outside is blurred. It is both humanising and unsettling. The figure in motion, close up and dripping, becomes more landscape than limb. The video, filmed on Super 8 Reversal Film using a Canon Auto Zoom 814 camera, is beautifully stark - a visceral and compellingly uncomfortable exploration of intimacy.

In April 2022, the band released their third album in the 'Tapes Trilogy', signifying a relinquishing of control throughout the course of the three records in terms of both the sonic landscape and the stories brought to life through the lyrics. This song cycle began in 2019 with the band's debut album ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls', followed by ‘Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around)' in 2021 and the final 'Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts)' in 2022.

As of February 16, the 'Heaving' single is available from fine music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. The full 'Heaving' LP, which is out on April 📌 7, is now available for pre-order.

The band, who have earned a reputation for their engaging and intense live performances, will be touring the album in Europe from April this year. They will play their album release show at Berlin's Lido on May 5. Concert tickets can be obtained at https://lklb.tourlink.to/tickets

"A rarity within music... one of Europe's most underrated talents" ~ The Revue

"Grandly superb... sonic depth and resonant dimension, infusing the music with weighty vibrancy" ~ Guitar Girl Magazine

“Scarily, startlingly good. Mesmerising. I was overwhelmed. I thought they’d be goodbut was kicked in the teeth by their power and theirsingular sensibility.. they were blindingly consummate andattuned to her vision. Really spectacularly good”
 ~ Jay Savage (Ex Director Sony ATV, ZA)

"With style and enigmatic poise... Kruger’s dreamy vocals spins visceral and poetic tales" ~ Texx and the City

Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys


Unique Records / Schubert Music Europe / The Orchard

16 February 2023

Written by Lucy Kruger --  ISRC: DEUV42200130
Published by Schubert Music Publishing GmbH
2023 P & C Unique Records / Schubert Music Europe GmbH
Lucy Kruger: vocals, electronic production
Liú Mottes: piano, guitar, bass, bass synthesiser
Jean-Louise Parker: vocals, viola
Martin Perret: drums
Mixed by Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios (Cape Town)
Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis (Brussels)
Drums recorded by Dirk Feistel at Studio X (Berlin)
Guitars recorded by André Leo (Berlin)
Viola recorded by Jean-Louise Parker (Berlin)

Apr 04   Freiburg, Germany - Slow Club
Apr 05   Zürich, Switzerland - Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik
Apr 06   Alessandria, Italy - Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio
Apr 07   Sion, Switzerland - Point 11
Apr 08   Varese, Italy - Circolo Gagarin
Apr 10   Macerata, Italy - Circolo Dong
Apr 10   Fano, Italy - Bagni Elsa Nº3
Apr 12   Bologna, Italy - Efesto
Apr 14   Paris, France - Supersonic
Apr 15   Lille, France - To Be Announced
Apr 16   Amsterdam, Netherlands - Cinetol
Apr 19   Nuremberg, Germany - Z-Bau
Apr 20   Bielefeld, Germany - Johanniskirche
May 02  Leipzig, Germany - Moritzbastei
May 03  Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
May 04  Hannover, Germany - Glocksee
May 05  Berlin, Germany - Lido
May 24  Dresden, Germany - Jazz Club Tonne
May 26  Offenburg, Germany - 361 Grad im Spitalkeller
May 27  Esslingen, Germany - Psych In Bloom
May 28  Offenbach, Germany - Hafen 2
Aug 10  Bad Kötzting, Germany - void

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