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Brazil-based sonic adventurers BIKE present the video for the live performance session, recently recorded at KEXP in Seattle and broadcast on Cheryl Waters' Midday Show. The session includes select tracks from their new ‘Arte Bruta' album, released via Before Sunrise Records.

Formed in 2015 by Julito Cavalcante (guitar and vocals), Diego Xavier (guitar and voice), Daniel Fumega (drums) and João Gouvea (bass), BIKE's trajectory has been one of impressive journeys - both sonically and geographically.

Apart from the album's lead singles 'Filha do Vento' and 'O Torto Santo', the KEXP session also showcases a medley of 'Olho D'água Grande' and 'Boca do Sol', tracks from their previous 'Quarto Templo' album.

BIKE's Julito Cavalcante explains, "It was a huge achievement for us and very exciting to be able to record at the KEXP studios and even more exciting to have Cheryl Waters host our recording. It's not easy to make a living from music in Brazil, it's even more difficult to tour outside the country and being able to get to KEXP was glorious and we're going to take that for the rest of our lives."

‘Arte Bruta' is BIKE's fifth album and the first since the Covid pandemic broke. Led by producer and guitarist Guilherme Held, this recording exudes maturity and embraces a more Brazilian sound than past releases.

BIKE's blazing musical path recently led to opening for The Brian Jonestown Massacre in their native São Paolo (and subsequent praise from Anton Newcombe). Earlier in 2023, the band also played dozens of shows at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest to eager listeners.

‘Arte Bruta’ represents the process of self-analysis this psych-rock, post-Tropicalia, noise rock collective has undergone in recent years, resulting in the most daring leap in the group's career. A slow-burning mirror, this album took the band a long time to compose and record, its intricacy  evident with every minute of listening pleasure.

'Arte Bruta' started with the title and the megalomaniac idea of releasing the album on vinyl with just two lengthy compositions. While the downtime of the pandemic grew this into something much greater, the title itself remained, alluding to the clash between artistic sophistication and the harshness of brutality. Seen by many as an artistic movement, especially because of its French nomenclature, "art brut", the term designates creators who are not aware that their creation can be seen as art.

The band's trademark psychedelia is still there, but the musical and lyrical references transcend the lysergic references of past albums. An Afro-Brazilian filter runs through 'Arte Bruta', along with echoes of international rock - 60s psychedelic rock, 70s tropicalism and post-tropicalism, German progressive rock and the rhythmic structure of krautrock.

BIKE released their debut album '1943' in 2015, followed by 'Em Busca da Viagem Eterna' (2017), 'Their Shamanic Majesties' Third Request' (2018) and 'Quarto Templo' (2019) - each bringing them critical acclaim. BIKE is also the only Brazilian band that has released music ('Enigma Do Dente Falso') in 2014) through Columbia Records imprint, 30th Century Records, founded by cult American producer Danger Mouse.

Having toured Europe three times and played more than 400 shows in 16 Brazilian states, BIKE has also shared the stage with the likes of The Black Angels and Os Mutantes, among others.

The 'Arte Bruta' album is out now and available from fine digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

“Swirling dream of ecstasy” ~ DJ Cheryl Waters, KEXP

"Ultimate ambassadors of Brazilian musicality... creative, trance-inducing, percussive- and groove-led explosion of beautiful sound" ~ The Spill Magazine

"Positive, reflective and stimulating... The light of the sun is here with slight strobes of dark trippiness caught between the trance-like guitar riffs" 
~ Amplify Music Magazine 

"A blurring of psyche-rock and tropicalia forms a wall of intrigue...
a duvet of graceful momentum" ~ Sound Read Six

"An animated adventure to bass and drums, a rhythmic liveliness bringing rich energy and movement to the intimation soaked landscape" ~ Ringmaster Review


'BIKE Full Performance Live on KEXP'
(in support of new 'Arte Bruta' LP)

Before Sunrise Records.
Full KEXP session with Cheryl Waters OUT NOW

23 May 2023



01  Arcoverde
02  Além-Ambiente
03  O Torto Santo
04  Cedro feat. Guilherme Held
05  Traço e Risco
06  Filha do Vento
07  Clara-Luz
08  Além-Céu
09  Que vai da Terra ao Céu
10  O Encontro do Céu com a Terra
11  Santa Cabeça
12  A Queda do Céu
13  Yaripo


Recorded by Gustavo Mendes & Guilherme Held
Recorded at Estúdio Held in São Paulo
Mixed by Guilherme Held
Mastered by Fernando Sanches at Estúdio El Rocha
Produced by Guilherme Held
Lyrics by Julito Cavalcante
Songs by BIKE, except 'Arcoverde" and 'Além-Céu' by Guilherme Held
and "Cedro" and 'Yaripo' by Guilherme Held and BIKE
Julito Cavalcante – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, garabiroba and percussion
Diego Xavier – vocals, electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Daniel Fumega – drums and percussions
João Gôuvea – bass, synthesizers and harmonium
Guilherme Held – electric guitar on Cedro
Cover artwork and design by Juli Ribeiro

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