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Ivan & The Parazol • Mást Vártam


Today Budapestian bad IVAN & THE PARAZOL present the new single of their upcoming album Budai Pop. “Mást vártam” means “expecting something else,” which is exactly what this song is about.

Dealing with expectations
Mást Vártam is a bittersweet song about growing up in Budapest and dealing with the expectations of adulthood; ‘get a normal job,’ ‘music is just a hobby,’ etc… This song, just like the full upcoming album, says no to these standards. It’s a product of a group of best friends finding full artistic freedom in a semi-drunken haze of jamming at a weekend house on the Hungarian lakeside.

Ivan & The Parazol
IVAN & THE PARAZOL, a five-piece Budapestian band carrying the spirit of 70s glam-rock and incorporation of modern psych-rock instrumentation, making for an amalgam reminiscent of a Brian May-Kevin Parker compound, with their flamboyant guitar solos and overdriven octave-pedals on guitars.

the band are by no-means finding their feet in regards to rearing their stylistic sound

The Budapest-based band have explored many facets of the live world during the last few years – performing a number of times at SXSW, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn, main-staging the Sziget Festival, supporting Deep Purple at their Budapest stop of their arena tour, fresh off their 2017/2018 support Rival Sons tour, while also attaining an MTV EMA award-winners for Best Central European Act; the band are by no-means finding their feet in regards to rearing their stylistic sound.
IVAN & THE PARAZOL previously toured across the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia and even Russia. During the pandemic, the band still managed to reach millions by becoming the face of Spice of Europe’s video on Budapest as well as playing Huawei’s [Music on the Road] digital series streamed live from Valencia. After all their international experience, the band are excited to now reflect and most importantly share and celebrate their roots with upcoming Hungarian album “Budai Pop.”

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