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Trope - Shout

SINGLE - Trope is an alternative prog/rock band located in Hollywood, LA. Formed in 2016, the band have been perfecting their sound and songwriting, leading to their highly anticipated debut album Eleutheromania. Combining hypnotic rhythms with dark, progressive elements, singer Diana Studenberg gives the band their recognizable sound with her delicate-to-angst vocals which cascade dramatically atop their dynamic melodies. 


Eleutheromania, meaning “a manic zeal for freedom”, is a prime example of their music which craves to break free from patterns. The album is engineered by Mike Fraser (ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica), mixed by David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Eagles, Dave Mathews Band, Pantera, AIC). With influences ranging from 90’s alternative rock band’s including Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins, combined with elements of their love for the likes of Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley, Trope have concocted an intoxicating and distinct sound. 


Leading single “Shout” is a cover of the well loved song by Tears for Fears. Bursting with resonating guitars, powerful vocals and crashing drums, the track builds into an anthemic release. Trope have taken “Shout” and made it completely their own. Studenberg explains, “Due to the song’s pop sensibility and 4/4 beat, it didn’t fit into the Trope realm at the time. But as things progressed and electronic instrumentation was replaced with organic instruments including bass, guitars and ebow, the tune took a darker turn and actually really worked for Trope.” 

Trope - Shout (Official Video)


The band were inspired by the poignant lyrics, particularly the universal message in the lines 'those one track minds, that took you for a working boy. Kiss them goodbye, you shouldn't have to jump for joy.’ Studenberg confides, “How many of us have been in situations where we're mistreated and looked down on by people who just don't recognize our value? I believe, in life, we shouldn't have to placate or put on a clown face and do a fucking happy dance to appease people who behave toxically towards us and lack the foresight to really see who's in front of them. I see this whole song as a reaffirmation of value and strength and of our ability to move past these situations and people and towards the things that help elevate us emotionally and spiritually.”


The visuals for “Shout” were directed and filmed by Stewart Whelan, along with the help of an incredible film crew. Whelan's credits include cinematography on The Flash TV Show and Metallica's 'Some Kind of Monster' among others. Dramatic nighttime city landscapes set the scene, intertwined with explosive performance footage, giving audiences an insight into the band’s boundless energy. 


Trope have performed shows internationally in Europe, Canada, the US and around Los Angeles in such legendary venues including LA’s Whisky A Go-Go and The Viper Room, as well as the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, where they played the main stages in the past two consecutive years and have shared stages with Switchfoot and Sevendust. Trope have also shared stages at the legendary Hollywood Improv with world class comedians Iliza Shlesinger (Unveiled/Netflix), Steve-O (Jackass), David Koechner (Anchorman), Bryan Callen (Hangover), Harland Williams (Something About Mary) and more.



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