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💿 Jeremy Roske - A Little Love

WORLD I Jeremy Roske combines unparalleled influences and a tidal wave of kindness on his new single, “A Little Love.”  For Jeremy Roske, music is a healing art form that can transform and inspire the masses. Throughout his 25-year career, he’s brought his message-driven, expressive music to hundreds of thousands across the world. His desire when it comes to songwriting is to use all his creative energy to support personal and planetary healing — which he does on his new single, “A Little Love.”

After years of musical transitions, from Hip Hip and reggae to inspirations from his years studying Carnatic music in India, he’s created an eclectic reflection of a life spent trying to put the power of healing into melody.

On “A Little Love,” Roske channels heartfelt messages from the likes of the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa, which encourage the masses to work together through the suffering of humanity. His compassion and empathy seep into every reflective chorus and hypnotic melody. At the same time, his worldly experiences shine through with the infusions of dynamic use of the West African instrument, the Kora, percussions, and choral elements.  As he sings, “we’re rising like the moon and sun, we’re shining from the inside, a new day has begun... “ he captures the essence of embodying positivity in your everyday and using it to better the human experience.
Jeremy Roske - A LITTLE LOVE (Message of Hope)

If there’s anything the collective needs right now, it’s a message of hope and an uplifting moment of truth. Jeremy Roske gives us both on his new single, “A Little Love,” out now !


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