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of1000faces - The Infinity Line

of1000faces - The Infinity Line
Chicago-based artist of1000faces has announced the forthcoming album 'The Infinity Line', previewed by the title track. This long-play is the second in his expansive instrumental 'Monomyyth' trilogy, following his 'Astronomica' album and video for lead track 'Astronomica'.

of1000faces is the solo project of Matt Walker, a renowned drummer and producer who has worked with some of alternative music’s most iconic artists. For 25 years, he has toured and recorded with Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage and Filter, all the while dedicating himself to myriad side projects, independent bands and film/tv work.

Astronomica - Video Compilation

Known for his obsessive writing and recording while on tour, Walker eventually decided to pursue a more singular and personal endeavor. Thus was born of1000faces, the moniker reflecting the project’s inherent premise and, at the same time, a nod to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero of 1000 faces’.

This second act in the ‘Monomyyth Trilogy’ is an Instrumental album with ambient DNA. But this is less passive than its predecessor, having a wider dynamic scope and a general mood that is darker and more evocative.

Strangely, I have no memory of the title track’s inception. What followed were many lost hours in its polyrhythmic maze, searching for the right synthesis of mallets, strings and electronics. All lending to that feeling of running in a dream state, without a beginning or end," says Matt Walker.

The 'Astronomica' album is out now, previewed by this sampler video spanning the full album. 'The Infinity LIne' LP will be released digitally on December 16 across online stores such as Apple Music and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp.

"Gorgeously atmospheric and expansive... ambitious and beautifully grounding... The sound beholds a spiritual element, manifesting in tastefully-paced spatiality and a sense of awe of cosmic proportions"  The Big Takeover

"Elegant and distinctive, with a great sense of wonderment and spaciousness. Like a weaving of reverie between the stars, this music would not be out of place in futuristic playlists or can just be enjoyed alone as a standalone album, with some tracks likely to lead to daydreaming, while others are more pensively thought-provoking. Bravo!" – The Spill Magazine

"Surreal uncertainty begets serenity in ‘Astronomica’; a visual dance across the stars which portray new pastures as both bleak and beautiful in equal measure"  Ice_NoFruit

"Deserves to be prominently placed in the next Sci-Fi blockbuster movie... the sound of the sonic building blocks of the universe being arranged into drifting dreampop and lush, lingering soundscapes. It is both meditative and thought-provoking, calm inducing and overpoweringly awesome in its scope"  Dancing About Architecture

"The new output does not beg, steal or borrow from anything that of1000faces has released to date: influenced by the majesty of landscapes and timeless city scapes, transient futures and a transcendent present, 'The Infinity Line' LP lends an occasional oblique respectful eye-dip towards Bowie’s more extravagant and studious instrumental explorations, and perhaps the serene detail of Sakamoto. This is music that moves by itself without start or finish. This album is a solo voyage" - Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks )


The Infinity Line
16 December 2020

Music by Matt Walker
Album cover artwork by: Gregor Huber
Photos by Derick Smith / Treatment by Brian Doherty
'Astronomica' video by Matt Walker

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by  Derick Smith / Treatment by Brian Doherty
Music is not a virus! Admittedly, it contaminates you with the melody, the lyrics, but it can be bought, discovered, hummed, tickles the hollow of your ear, is released on your lips ... Think of the artists, they illuminate your daily life and feed the memory of pretty refrains which will become memories.
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