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Asher Knight • Alone


2021 is going to be Asher’s most exciting year yet in his musical career. His upcoming single ‘Alone’ provides a sense of artist professionalism and slickness. Asher has built on his musicianship craft and produced an amazing body of work, which will shortly come together as one within his upcoming EP, ‘Alone’.

 The rising pop star has created a soothing yet upbeat rhythmic anthem that evokes important messages on mental health struggles, especially in the current climate the world faces at the moment. Society is currently experiencing a lonely and isolated world and Asher’s latest offering is more topical than ever before. Asher’s goals throughout his career have always been to inspire and conquer the demons that people face when it comes to mental health struggles.

 “Being loved isn’t always easy, it can be hard and something we run away from when we don’t feel worthy of it. None of us want to be alone but if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to be loved it can empower and encourage us through the toughest of times.  Throughout the recent difficulties with COVID the feeling of loneliness has been a strong force but we have come closer together and shown that love for each other can combat the darkest of times.” 

- Asher Knight


About Asher Knight

Asher Knight is a singer songwriter from Bradford, UK. Asher discovered his passion for music and singing aged 16 and was initially reluctant to pursue a career in the music industry after suffering from low self-esteem as a child after bad bullying at school. From 16, Asher worked to improve his self-confidence through developing his craft of singing and performing.

Moving to London to focus full time on his music, Asher Knight honed his musical craft in the capital. He has built an impressive catalogue of songs, working alongside writing greats including Cutfather, Mark Owen, Jon Maguire, Red Triangle, Olly Murs, James Blunt and many more. Asher’s career has taken him on multiple tours across the length and breadth of the UK, supporting the likes of The Vamps, Boyzone, Steps, Will Young, All Saints and more.

Having worked hard throughout 2020, Asher launches into 2021 with new music ready to be released throughout the year. Beginning with his single Alone, released 5 February 2021, Asher’s upcoming releases mark a defining moment in his life and the start of a new chapter.

New single: Alone

Off upcoming EP ‘Alone’


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