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Para Lia • Gone With The Flow



Melodic alternative / indie rock duo Para Lia have announced the impending vinyl and CD release of their album 'Gone With The Flow' on February 12. The digital version was released on October 2, timed to sync with the anniversary of Germany reunification, a rather significant occasion for a band hailing from the Eastern part of a then-divided Germany.

Ahead of that, the band presented a joint virtual exhibition with artist Louis Renzoni and two invigorating singles - 'My Muse' and 'Riders On The Dike'.

‘Gone With The Flow’ is the band's second album and title of a new online mixed art exhibition. With 11 new tracks on offer, its core themes are the muse and the continual struggle with that relationship, explored amidst layers of sound and arrangements that continually swing from light to dark.

Originally from Falkenberg, Para Lia is an indie rock duo, now based in Cottbus (near Berlin). Influenced by the rhythms and tones of ‘90s alt-rock and the synth density of ‘80s darkwave, their own sound blends melodic guitars, along with distinctive lead guitar and resonant synths.

Comprised of René Methner (all instruments and vocals) and Cindy Methner (backing vocals), their band name was born of their love for Greece, with para lia, (παραλία) meaning “coast” or “beach" in Greek - a name full of mystery but optimism, which both has history and evokes a balance of the masculine and feminine.

© Photo René Methner

Para Lia burst onto the underground music scene with their widely-praised debut album 'Soap Bubble Dreams' and 'Hawk Hill' EP in 2019, the band 's music has garnering comparisons ranging from J Mascis, The Cure, Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club and Arcade Fire to The Mission, The Last Shadow Puppets, Sebadoh and Editors.

Methner's conversations with artist Louis Renzoni blossomed into not only a friendship, but also a mixed art exhibition. Originally destined for a New York gallery until the global pandemic took hold, their collaborative virtual exhibition is a celebration of their work, the release of brand new music, complemented by Renzoni's artwork. An immersive experience, each exhibit is fully interactive.

As of February 12, the 'Gone With The Flow' LP will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally - via Bandcamp. It can also be found on Spotify and Apple Music. It can also be beautifully explored through the Para Lia / Louis Renzoni virtual exhibition at https://www.sophisticatedape.com/gone-with-the-flow-exhibition.



“J Mascis style guitar works alongside sharply defined songwriting, with elements of The Cure in their late 80s pomp” ~ Clash Magazine

"The embers of Arcade Fire and The Mission with a more pop bent... Listen on repeat to invigorate your day"  Big Takeover Magazine

"Superior in their own-right without reinventing the wheels of the past" Skope Magazine

"Captivates immediately and guides you through the theatric, robust vocals"  Imperfect Fifth


Para Lia
Gone With The Flow
12 February 2021

Lyrics and music by René Methner
Mixed and produced by René Methner
Mastered by Thomas Heimann-Trosien at Turnstyle Mastering, Berlin
Cover artwork by Louis Renzoni
Cover design by John Farley, SPR Designs
René Methner - lyrics and music, vocals, all instruments
Cindy Methner - vocals
Amanda Kim Sanderson (UK) - vocals on 'Riders On The Dike',
Fady Haddad (USA) - synth and vocals on 'Children Of The Flood', synth on 'Fire (My Chemical Imbalance),
Terry Wigmore (CAN) - cello on 'Fools'

Keep up with Para Lia
Facebook • Bandcamp  Twitter  Soundcloud 
Instagram • YouTube • Spotify • Apple Music

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