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CLUSTERSUN ~ Barricades


CLUSTERSUN ~ Barricades
To celebrate the release of their new album Avalanche, Italy's heavy psych trio Clustersun just premiered on Vive Le Rock a brand new video for the track Barricades, possibly the most devilish, angular and disturbing from the tracklisting. “How can you cope with a love gone astray?”.
This is the recurring, paranoid obsession translated into boulders of acid reverb and schizoid drumming, miming the total burnout of a no-way-out and no-way-back emotional setting.

The spooky video is not for the faint at heart. The schizoid clown with the red balloon chasing a group of kids - a due homage to IT's icon Pennywise - will pop up in your nightmares as a lysergic allucination. Like for the previous videos Desert Daze and All Your Pain, the clip was realised by Andrea Conti, Clustersun's drummer, here at his best in matching the spectral sound with menacing visuals.
"At the beginning there's silence, a deaf sound and the spell of the forthcoming uproar. Then, vibrations cover what is actually hiding beyond the avalanche, while the sun struggles to warm and melt. In the end, the chemical of sounds reveals itself through the chemical of pictures.
© Photo from Page Instagram

These words by Marco Baldassarri, painter and founder of Sonic Jesus, perfectly describe what Avalanche stands for. Marco realised the album artwork, that's a real painting called Avalanche too,  following the creative flux inspired by the listening of Clustersun's new sounds. 

Avalanche departs from dreamy shoegaze, reaching at high speed desertic and acid sideways. Dark and shiny, disturbing and glorious, straightforward and ambitious, it's an album that will fit well in a playlist featuring The Black Angels, The Lucid Dream, The (early) Telescopes, Dead Skeletons. The mix and mastering have been in charge of James Aparicio, a real scene's guru, thanks to his work for The Cult Of Dom Keller, Dead Vibrations, Piatcions / Throw Down Bones, Rev Rev Rev. 

Avalanche is released on May 20th, 2021 by a joint effort between Icy Cold Records (FR) and Little Cloud Records (US), two labels that don't need any introduction for space rock and psych lovers. Pre-orders are now available on both labels websites.

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Labels: Little Cloud Records (US) // Icy Cold Records (FR)
Release date: May 20th, 2021
Format: vinyl 300 copies limited edition translucent red with rainbow splatter,
cd digipack, digital
Artwork: Marco Baldassari
Mixing and Mastering: James Aparicio


 Desert Daze, All Your Pain, Closer/Deeper, Juggernaut,
Avalanche (Legion 5), Barricades, Sinking In to You, Scar

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