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Frank Brannan (Dirk Tourette) ~ Biggest Fan


Frank Brannan (Dirk Tourette) ~ Biggest Fan

This song is a call to England football fans to never stop dreaming of winning a major tournament. It is the unofficial song for England that is to set light to EURO 2021. Frank had the desire to create what he felt was an anthemic music offering that can be shared amongst passionate fans. 

After over a year of fans not being able to attend games on a match day Frank has written a song to honour the biggest fans of the game and bring them, the nation and the players together for the summer of 2021. 

 "This is the perfect time for a rock song to hit back into the mainstream and bring people together! After all, Music AND Football is nothing without the fans." Frank Brannan

Frank Brannan who, as a young lad, followed his dream and took a chance by turning up on the doorstep, guitar in hand, to play his first gig to Noel Gallagher has written a passionate, heartfelt and hugely upbeat Summer anthem for England's 2021 European championship challenge.  Having also previously fronted successful London rock band Towers of London (signed by Alan Mcgee), Frank has now continued in creating his own solo project.

During lockdown, Frank’s escapism and inspiration was always drawn from music and Football. Where dedicated fans could find solace, companionship and that added adrenalin rush. Lockdown has given Frank the freedom to create ideas stemming from his Football passions from his old schoolboy days at Chelsea FC to now as his life as an ardent football supporter. Frank had the desire to create what he felt was an anthemic music offering that can be shared amongst passionate fans.






New single: Biggest Fan

RELEASE DATE : 28/05/21 

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