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Sam Walwyn ~ First Place


Sam Walwyn ~ First Place

Sam Walwyn, a name well known to his 100,000 TikTok followers, continues to carve a space for himself in the indie pop scene. Having demonstrated his knack for live performance, he has earnt spots supporting the likes of Tom Jones, Gabrielle Aplin and Newton Faulkner. Following in the success of last years ‘For You’ Sam returns with the first of a string of singles to be released this year, ‘First Place

Sam’s sound harnesses a rich spectrum of rhythmic and melodic influences, having grown up in Jersey and the Caribbean. In his music, there’s a seamless fusion of indie, pop and folk that is tinged with flamenco guitar, a skill he picked up from virtuoso whilst travelling in Australia.

Like many, his journey came with some difficulties. A year into his studies at Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music, Sam fell seriously ill. During his recovery, he turned to his guitar and began writing, despite his inability to walk or even talk properly.

Sam kept on writing music profusely, and is now set to release his first single of 2021. Meanwhile, the young artist has created an untouchable social media presence, particularly on global phenomena TikTok where he has engaged an audience of now 100k followers with short clips, humorous and humble, displaying his musical craft.

‘First Place’ is a bittersweet reflection of being put in the friendzone, a feeling familiar to most. Whilst being a vulnerable song at its core, First Place is remarkably upbeat with uplifting guitar matched with Sam’s raw and powerful vocals. About the track, Sam says it’s a "a reflective song about not being over someone but not wanting to lose them and wanting to end up on the same page”. 

Sam Walwyn releases a sentiment of bitterness
after being in the friendzone in
his new single ‘
First Place’  

First Place comes out on 28th May 2021


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DIFFUSION June, 3, 2021

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