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Nazanin ~ Dangerous


Nazanin ~ Dangerous

NYC based pop singer-songwriter Nazanin (pronounced Nau-za-neen) has an extraordinary ability of reaching to the core of her listener’s emotions. Her music fuses R&B, soul, and dance influences resulting in an electric sound all of her own.

Her rich, sultry, and soulful yet powerful voice is uniquely reminiscent of classic pop singers from the 80s and 90s, yet her music feels fresh and modern, bridging the gap between the past, present and future. An effortless storyteller with a passionate and unfiltered singing talent and songwriting ability, Nazanin has an instinctive gift of crafting relatable narratives that are also deeply personal. Common themes permeating her music include empowerment, independence, and overcoming expectations and hardships often found in romantic relationships.  

Nazanin grew up in a very conservative Persian-Jewish town on the North Shore of Long Island in New York. Her parents immigrated from Iran due to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 where Jews were being persecuted. Nazanin found her voice and passion for music at just six years old, often singing around the house. Despite not having any support from her family to follow her dreams, she knew that she had to fight for what she believed in by starting her journey as a dedicated pop singer, songwriter, and performer.  

Inspired by artists such as Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Madison Beer, and Camilla Cabello, Nazanin uses these influences to form her own signature sound. Refusing to set any boundaries, the songwriter relies on her emotions and intuitions to create her captivating music, oozing with timeless lyrics and jazzy tones.  

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Her upcoming single Dangerous is a powerful anthem of overcoming personal insecurities and ultimately embracing your own self-worth. Written after the downfall of a tumultuous relationship, Nazanin confides, I was inspired to write the song due to my ex, he was insecure and always tried to belittle me, my goals, my aspirations, and control me. He was a master in manipulation and gaslighting and while he had a lot of great qualities and treated me like a "princess" in the end he was an asshole.”  

“Dangerous” also stems from her experience with bullying and allowing others to shatter her confidence. These battles only helped the songwriter transform from a doormat and caring what other people think, to not giving a f**k, and taking pride in living her truth as her most authentic self. Featuring haunting synths, a driving bassline and confident vocals, the track slowly builds into the ultimate dance-worthy banger, exploding with a feisty attitude.  



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