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Polly Scattergood ► In The Absence Of Light


Polly Scattergood ► In The Absence Of Light

Polly Scattergood released her critically acclaimed fourth studio album In This Moment last summer to rave reviews across the board. Following the release of In This Moment, being unable to tour due to the pandemic, Polly instead retreated into her studio to begin writing again.

"I started writing last year with Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Sonic Youth / Grinderman). I have known Jim for many years, and we had previously worked together in my studio in Camden. When lockdown came into place, we decided to do some virtual writing sessions, embracing technology and the new-found time that we both had on our hands due to not being able to tour.

We would get together on a video call at midday and just keep the session running until we had a song. Glenn Kerrigan, my long-time collaborator, was also on hand to help us conjure up a sound from the outer edge of the universe. It was in one of our first virtual writing sessions that we came up with In the Absence of Light’.”

" In the Absence of Light "
OUT 21/06/21

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