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St. Solaire • you=me


St. Solaire • you=me

After a range of successful singles, Rotterdam-based indie pop band St. Solaire now release their long-awaited debut album ‘you=me’. Their winning of the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam (“Grand Price of Rotterdam”) meant not only the start of the writing of the album, but also the building of a studio for the same purpose. Now, the band is proud to finally announce the birth of ‘you=me’ on June 18, 2021: a well-balanced album on which sound, lyrics and emotion melt together perfectly.

‘you=me’ (pronounce: “you equals me”) has turned out to be a musical diary of four musicians that started a band in the summer of 2015. The album features songs written during these past years, while thematically reflecting on the personal growth of each member.

These ten tracks showcase several phases we went through as a band,” frontman Geert van Emden says. “And though each song tells a different story, the fact remains that they all deal with the process of maturing, of growing up. The older we get, the more we see what matters most in our lives. For instance, some of the things that used to bug me out don’t bother me at all anymore, as my perspective has changed.”

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Tracks such as ‘Ashes’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ show these changed perspectives. Both tracks deal with break-ups, yet the way of coping with the heartbreak is totally different between them. As for the title of the album, ‘you=me’ refers to the perpetual interaction between the inner and outer worlds in the pursuit of happiness.Without the other, I couldn’t possibly exist and vice versa,” Geert says, so if we’re stuck here together, we might just make the best out of it together.”
From start to finish, St. Solaire personally took control of the production of ‘you=me’: the four band members custom-built a fully-equipped studio to record the album. This way, the recording and mixing of the album became a joint effort and exploration. The freedom that the realization of their own studio brought gave the band the time and space to perfect the album. This way, a personal, layered work has arisen in which the band members have put their heart and soul. For the final album mix, St. Solaire collaborated with mix engineer Sam Jones (Klangstof, Luwten, Luka) who helped the band sound the way they are: honest and layered.

St. Solaire
St. Solaire is a characteristic melting pot of warm sounds and a rich musical palette. Its sound is full of lush harmonies and well-balanced percussive layers and is based around the fragile vocals of frontman Geert van Emden. The band has performed at Dutch venues such as TivoliVredenburg, Doornroosje and Paradiso and at festivals such as Popronde and Motel Mozaïque. They toured with Dutch band HAEVN and American singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie, among others.

In 2017, they won the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam and then went on to work on their debut album. In the run-up to the album, the first singles ‘Videotape’, ‘Where Do We Go From Here’, ‘Headlights’ and ‘Ashes’ were released from the end of 2020 on, which generated positive responses. The tracks received airplay on national channels NPO Radio 2 and 3FM as well as numbers of indie stations around the world, while the band also played live at 3FM several times. In total, the singles have already been listened to almost a million times via various streaming platforms.

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DIFFUSION 20/06/2021

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