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Calundé ► We Should


Calundé ► We Should
Calundé continues his strong streak of singles with new song 'We Should'

Longing for a world with more possibilities to act in the moment, 'We Should' is Calundé his positive note te self to embrace spontaneity and to simply have more fun. After releasing well-received singles 'Feathers' and 'Compromise', the talented artist from The Netherlands received even more international recognition with 'Higher', his collaboration with Melle Jutte. Being selected for Fresh Finds and with airplay on stations like KCRW and Sublime, Calundé is steadily making name for himself. 

The more indie-leaning single 'We Should' has been ingeniously put together by Calundé, who is responsible for writing, performing, recording and producing the song. A quality that once again underlines the talent the Nine And A Half signee holds. The accompanying artwork has been manifested by the artist-hand of Merijn Hos. 'We Should' is out now and available everywhere

I will say, the decision to make this track, a groovy blend of contemporary indie and soothing R&B-style vocals, sure was the right one.” - Indie Shuffle

Serene and epoplectic, the sounds of Calundé is of this world and beyond.” - comeherefloyd

All The Time We Move is an explosion of unusual asymmetric sounds that are captivating.” - Neon Music

"The Rules" is produced & performed all by himself, and yeah - he's 19. If you vibed with that, you should totally check out the previous gorgeous...” - Stereofox

''Creating an aura of everlasting bliss and serenity, Feathers is a wonderful indie cut that explores the concept of human connection in the digital age.'' - GIG GOER 

Koning van de zolderkamer noemt Calundé zichzelf, want de Tilburgse DIY-artiest...” - 3voor12


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DIFFUSION 13/07/2021

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