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Dan Potter ► Escapee Satellite

  From CANADA 

Dan Potter ► Escapee Satellite

On ‘Escapee Satellite’ the earthly waves of melancholia inspire a getaway trip from planet earth as otherworldly musical textures create the feeling of drifting in space, helpless yet satisfied.”


-Dan Potter



About the album:


Again?!” is a forty minute roller coaster ride through mutant genre splicing where black metal meets 90s punk and the singer songwriter meets noise rock.  Airy singing cruises overtop cranked transistor fuzz carving out notable literary presence as words thicken the sonic maelstrom, giving comprehensive meaning to the laissez-faire knob twiddling.  Authoring lyrics as varied as the sounds, Dan Potter Sings takes each track, bending and shaping the different subject matter in imaginative ways until a collection of emotionally complex music comes to fruition that will hopefully resonate with the musically adventurous listener. 





North Star defies the wicked break neck pulse of the band and reveals the extent to which artistic freedom matters.  Things can also get weird as the need for ‘insect love’ is told from the perspective of a soul-sucking spider on the mechanical beat laden “Firefly”.  Striking dissonant chords prop up sensitive vocals on “Twenty One Centuries”, an ode to the “Village of the Damned” movie storyline while disco breakdowns get incised with thick grunge guitar riffs on the narcissistic “Not” as the squirrelly words alarm and baffle.  A shimmering murk gives way to thundering groove metal on the unsettling “Knock You Out” while “Feeding Time” goes from delicate electro-pop to demented anime punk bombast warning all you parasites out there to be careful what you bite into.


Dan Potter Sings bio:


Dan Potter Sings is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Potter.  His songs broadcast a wide spectrum of influences producing genre-defying songs in the process.  Dan, who is based in Vancouver, BC Canada, is a one man band and has turned his bedroom studio into a song factory, churning out tracks like some candy machine dispensing loud alternative rock music. 


All three of his albums and singles released since 2013 were written and performed by him alone as an experiment in free expression.  What was captured is steeped in individualism and personal circumstance; his lack of conformity has subsequently led to a sizable aesthetic variety of pop/rock music that continues to fascinate audiences into 2021.


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