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Hannah Robinson ► Dig Me Up


Hannah Robinson ► Dig Me Up

Hannah Robinson is a singer-songwriter from the south coast of England, whose music blends her distinctive voice and soulful melodies with her nonchalant, percussive guitar style and lyrics which are rich with imagery.

With each release, her sound grows with expression and atmosphere and her latest single Dig Me Up is yet another example of her ability to create music which instantly grips the listener. “Dig Me Up” tells the story of being buried under self-doubt and worry and then meeting someone who pulls you out of that to reveal the real you again. Robinson shares, It’s inspired by things I’ve felt, and the joy in being brought out of that state.” 

“Dig Me Up” has a steady, thumping beat with a looping riff that screams bold and hearty, alongside an array of guitar licks, this is an energetic, rock-fuelled anthem. Robinson shares, I like having the short, fixed, almost constrained verse lines to tell a story in a short time, playing with the imagery of being buried.” Featuring guitars from Scott McKeon (Sir Tom Jones, Lana Del Ray) and Paul Stacey (The Black Crowes, Tal Wilkenfeld, Noel Gallagher), bass and backing vocals from Phil Brickell and drums from Russ Parker (Thea Gilmore), “Dig Me Up” is a gritty and timeless track.

As a studio and live session singer, Robinson sings and plays guitar for John Illsley (founding member of Dire Straits), touring the UK and Europe.


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