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Phoebe Katis ► Never Be A Cool Girl


Phoebe Katis ► Never Be A Cool Girl

Never Be A Cool Girl Video Release Target premier date: 16th August (1 month after album release) Phoebe on the single: “ Never Be A Cool Girl is my go at blending Imogen Heap ’ s lush vocal arrangement & Taylor Swift ’ s self aware down to earth lyricism.

I am so proud and excited for this track - it is the crown jewel in my new album - a track I wrote and produced entirely from vocals at first, adding home grown bedroom pop percussion & groove to bring it in to ‘ today ’s sound ’ . I wanted to voice being over the façade of ‘ playing it cool ’ during the first stages of a relationship, be that romantic or just meeting people you vibe with.

It’s something I’ve never been very good at and something that I’m almost always in my h ead about at some point. I blamed that on naivety and my early 20s but here I am at 28 and yep, I still feel that way, so better to own it rather than shame it right?! ” Phoebe on the video: “I recently visited LA in July & stayed with a couple of very tal ented friends, one of whom is Pasha Riger - the man behind the camera for the Never Be A Cool Girl video.

I’ve always loved constructing visual ideas for songs. I guess that partly comes down to my genes - my Dad is a director & seems to have passed on tha t passion for sure. Prior to the trip I mapped out the storyline, shot list, & potential locations. I had the idea of playing with the ‘voices’ we often have in our heads that make us doubt ourselves, & seem to judge or fall out with other parts of our per sonality. I’m always battling ‘versions’ of myself inside my own head, & it was a lot of fun to see that narrative take shape to the song that for me is all about throwing those social anxieties to the wind & being true to yourself, however many of you the re are!

We then gave ourselves just two days to shoot, edit, and finish the video. It was a crazy fun, slightly haphazard but always creative & spontaneous experience! Pasha & Grace, an amazing sax - singer artist friend who helped out on the shoot, were jus t awesome. We even last minute piled in to a friend of mine’s apartment because it was so gorgeous & picturesque, so I wrote a new scene for part of the song on the fly and we got it done! We’re hoping to shoot some more videos in the future, & potentially work with other artists too on their vision.”



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