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Kami Kehoe ~ LOVESICK


Kami Kehoe ~ LOVESICK

Las Vegas based artist Kami Kehoe fuses old and new soul to create a sound that transports you to another universe. Somewhere where time and place doesn’t exist and you can simply indulge in the mesmerizing R&B, alt pop sounds of this 18 year old artist. With her soulful, unique vocal style and ability to craft a sound which dances between genres, Kami has cooked up something which is undeniably special. 

Introduced to music by her parents, Kami has been playing the drums since she was just three years old. Quickly developing an affinity for the instrument, this propelled her through her early teens where she would perform in a band with siblings for several years. Now, Kami writes, produces and performs everything herself, taking complete creative control over her sound, resulting in an honest and distinct delivery. Her relatable music sees each song narrating a story, told to show others that they are not alone in their discomfort. 

From Instagram

Her latest single “LOVESICK” is a playful track which tries to uncover your true feelings for someone. We’ve all experienced love-hate relationships and Kami presents that to us through a familiar lens. The songwriter shares, I hope this song makes listeners feel strong, and feel like they’re able to leave a toxic relationship if it’s hurting them. Or on the flip side, make someone feel it’s okay to feel a certain way, whether what they're doing is toxic or not, and realizing it could be coming from a place of pain and trauma; they don’t know how to let their guards down.” She continues, understand that however you feel, it’s normal because anyone's feelings are valid.”

Sonically, “LOVESICK” is somewhat raw and skeletal in its soundscape, however highly built and textured in the twists and turns of the production decisions. Using vocal harmonies to create a barrier of haunting tenderness, the track moves in and out of dynamic beats. Clean-cut, intellectually simple and stimulating, the song captures Kami’s stunning vocals and animated melodies.

With the desire to bring new sounds and new perspectives to the world, Kami Kehoe is poised to be one of the most exciting new voices of her generation.



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DIFFUSION, October, 22, 2021

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