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Lukaijah ~ Sacred Warriors


Lukaijah ~ Sacred Warriors

'In the midst of all that is occurring on the planet, hip-hop artist Lukaijah's new single, "Sacred Warriors," is the anthem of Victory for the forces of benevolence and good that are ready to rise up and unite.

The Columbian American artist was raised in San Francisco, where he was inspired by a melting pot of genres that included classical music, rock, and hip hop. Trained in piano composition with an affinity for inspirational poetry, Lukaijah's unique style of hip hop is infused with positivity, empowerment, and a desire to change the world for the better.

On Lukaijah's newest track, "Sacred Warriors," he taps into the efficacious energy it takes to overcome apathy and stand strong to protect that which is innocent and pure. Although there are forces that attempt to hold people back and make them feel defeated, the anthemic song helps listeners to become tenacious and unite in solidarity to serve that which is sacred.

Booming beats and sizzling synths create an atmosphere that is ripe for re-sparking the indwelling fires of courage and inspiration.  As he spits rhymes with exceptional precision, he infuses every lyric and turns of phrase with a soul provoking call to bravery, strength, and heart-centered leadership. 



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